Innovations in uzbekistan

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One of the main indicators of the state development level is the competitiveness of its education system, science, and technology transfer. This is the factor that ensures the innovative nature of the economy, therefore, in developed countries; the continuous development of this sphere is of great importance.

It is undoubtedly true to emphasize on the fact that over the last years, our country has been experiencing a number of reforms and the field of education is not an exception. Investment in education and developing human capital is a key to economic growth. The Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Measures for the Further Development of the Higher Education System" of April 20, 2017 is a new significant impact on the improvement of the education, a cardinal revision of the content of training of personnel at the level of international standards.

At the same time, the Program for the Comprehensive Development of the Higher Education System for the Period 2017-2021 has been approved. The program takes into account measures to strengthen and modernize the material and technical base of higher education institutions, equipping them with modern educational and scientific laboratories and modern information and communication technologies.

While reforming the education system of Uzbekistan it is essential to take into account the experience of developed countries and cooperate with the aim of improving the quality of education. So, reforms in higher education in Uzbekistan have been implementing in cooperation with many international organizations such as Erasmus + (the European Union program), JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), KOICA (Korean International Cooperation Agency) and others. As a result of the joint programs implemented, hundreds of teachers and students of Uzbekistan have an opportunity to get acquainted with the best international experience in the education system, acquire new knowledge and skills, and improve their qualifications in the leading universities of the world.

MDIS in Tashkent has been working on several projects with aforementioned organizations to amend the quality of education both from the perspective of academic staff as well as students.

In Uzbekistan, the year 2018 has been declared as the Year of Support of Active Entrepreneurship, Innovative Ideas, and Technologies which motivated MDIS in Tashkent to realize a number of innovative ideas. For example, starting from March the Institute is planning to run its own Business Lab which is aimed to prepare students for real career life. The objective of this project is to teach our students, in cooperation with different leading companies of Uzbekistan, to analyse real issues and implement their innovative new ideas in tackling the issues companies face. As companies need new fresh innovative vision from the young generation. Field trips to different companies to see the real process and talking with professionals are going to be the part of this project. Consequently, this project is going to be very promising in the sense of that both students and companies may gain from it.

From a macro level, there are also a number of innovative projects which are going to increase the quality of education as well as amend the process of perceiving information and gaining knowledge. The developer of these projects is the branch UZMOBILE - AK "Uzbektelecom" with the assistance of the Centre for Secondary, Special Vocational Education and the Agency of Science and Technology of Uzbekistan. There are four innovative projects which are going to be realized and widely used among educational institutions and students during two years.  

Smart Education

In the era of technology the role of effective communication, especially between students and teachers, between teachers and parents, is immense in getting high-quality education. So, the project has already started its operation in several educational institutions. The project, in the form of mobile application, helps to exchange and share a huge amount of useful information between aforementioned parties where parents can control the progress of their children and students may easily reach their teachers with their questions.


Muloqot.TV is an interactive platform where you can view entertainment content, but also showcase your own ideas and projects. To do this, it is enough to express the idea in the video format, and the experts will give relevant comments and advice, as well as help to realize your plans. According to the idea of the authors, this project should become a springboard for talented and enterprising young people, an opportunity to declare themselves.


Students carry a number of cards with them. Travelcard, ID card, the card for the sports centre, debit card illustrate the point. Probably, they dream about having one unique card which would meet all their needs.  Fortunately, now it becomes feasible with Educard. Probably, this is the most astonishing project with numerous advantages.

It is expected that the card will replace the student card and allow the students to pay even for meals in the students’ canteen and buy stationery. In the future, the functions of Educard will be expanded. With the help of this card, it will be possible to pay for travel in public transport, receive medical assistance, pay for sports sections, visit theatres, exhibitions, museums, etc.

In this case, the student's parents will also be able to control the flow of funds from the card, set limits. Developers of a single non-cash payment system are planning to motivate students to successfully study and earn points, which in turn can be converted into real money.

Gap - the national messenger for communication of students and pupils of Uzbekistan, working in Tas-ix. The distinguishing feature of the messenger from the popular Telegram is that it will work in Tas-ix which means for free and the services of the messengers will generate the interests of the youth of our country analysing our national segment and provide those services that are relevant to our audience. In addition, Gap as a part of a single information field for all participants of the educational process will become a generator of a number of bonuses for students.

So, education plays an immense role in the development of a nation. In the era of innovation, education becomes even more crucial for developing the next generation of innovators and creative thinkers. Technology in education is essential but it also should be noted that necessary reforms and cooperation with developed countries, and combining both theoretical knowledge with real business practices are the best investment in developing human capital with a very high return.
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