Ingliz tili 7-sinf i-variant In Scotland men wear as a national Costume

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3. I bought this … in the bookshop.

A) clothes; B) food; C) book D) sport’s clothes

4. -Would you like this sweater? - …. .

A) I’m going to buy a sweater; B)Yes, I would. C) here you are D) a,b

5. These chocolates are delicious, …?

A)aren’t they; B)are they; C)not they D) don’t they

6. What … you …tomorrow? - I will play chess.

A) will/do; B) did/doing; C) shall/do D) are/going

7. … will you go in summer? We will go to the camp.

A) when; B) what; C) where D) how

8. Tomorrow will be hot and sunny. Ann will wear …and ….

A) shorts / T-shirt; B) sweater/trousers; C)jacket/jeans D) b,c

9. What is your book made of ?

A)they are made of paper; B) it is made of paper;

C)it is made in Uzbekistan D) a,b

10. Navruz …. in spring.

A) is celebrated; B) to celebrate; C)celebrating D) is celebrating

11. …is celebrated on March 8th.

A)Independence Day; B)New Year; C)Mother’s Day D) father’s day

12. Sumalak … in spring.

A) to make; B) is made; C) made D) is making

13. I am frightened … darkness.

A) in; B) of; C) with D)for

14. Independence Day is celebrated …1st September.

A) on; B)in; C)of D) for

15. He makes ornaments on table. He likes … .

A)carving; B)fishing; C)reading D)writing

15. –Are you for or against TV? -I think it’s a waste … time.

A) to; B)of; C)in D) for

16. What does the international Olympic committee do?

A) They choose the place for the next OlympicGames and new sports for them

B) They congratulate the competitions

C) they bring the Olympic Flame D) a,b

17. Who are A’zam, Farrux and Parviz Abdumavlonov?

A) they are bad boys B) they are karate champions

C) they are workers D) they are translators

18. What are the Uzbek national costumes for girls?

A) atlas dress, embroidered duppi B) jeans, blouse

C) sweater, skirt, tights D) skirt, dress

19. What is the capital of Scotland?

A) Cardiff B) London C) Belfast D) Edinburgh.

20. Usually made of stone and has water in it?

A) A pound B) A monument C) A circus D) A lake.

21. The Statue of Liberty symbolizes __________

22. They eat fish, animals, kangaroos and, sometimes people. They live in the seas and rivers of Australia. What are they?_______________

23. Canyon is….

24. Who decided to organize International Olympic Games?

25. What animal in Australia cannot run?

26. What animal eats only eucalyptus leaves and drinks almost nothing?

27. He doesn’t speak French, … ?

28. To the north Uzbekistan has borders with ….

29. I’ve got a pain in my … . I can’t hear you.

30. Give the comparative and superlative degrees of the adjectives

Beautiful- … - …
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