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The Royal-tea Club

Spring, April 30, 2015


Editor's Note

Travel News - NEW TRIP!

Upcoming Club Events

New Name Tags

Club Contacts


Please accept my apology for this newsletter being so late. I have had a family emergency and will not be able to continue my newsletter duties for the near future.

I am so grateful to Donna Lerew, Betsy Green, and Carol and Dick Bettendorf for picking up where I left off. God willing, I will be able to resume my duties in a few months.
As always, yours in tea,


Our new name tags were well received by our travelers on the recent Georgia trip. Many who did not already have one ordered theirs before we arrived back home. We strongly urge you to get one.

The name tags look similar to the embroidered ones, but only two colors. They are still a white oval and the writing is in royal blue, but they are a firm plastic with two VERY strong magnets. They have a tea pot at the top, then your first name, and ‘The Royal-tea Club’ at the bottom.
The name tags are still $10 and must be paid when order is placed.
All special name tags are given to you at the first event you attend after we receive them from our source. They are yours to keep if you wish. However, most let us keep them so they don’t forget to bring them to an event.
Please contact Betsy Green or Donna Lerew (contact information below) if you would like one of the new name tags.


For Reservations:

Contact Donna Lerew at 717-741-2684 or email her at

For Tea Club Payments:

Send checks made out to 'The Royal-tea Club' to Carol Lee Bettendorf, 115 Highland Avenue, Abbottstown, PA 17301-9562. Should you need to contact her, call 717-259-5577.

For New Membership Applications or Renewal of Dues:

Contact Betsy Green, 410-259-1853 or email her at Mail should be sent to The Royal-tea Club, c/o Betsy Green, 1233 Old Fridinger Mill Road, Westminster, MD 21157-3365.

For Newsletter:

Contact Donna Lerew at 717-741-2684.


Please read the following instructions:

  • Telephone number for each establishment is provided should you need directions.

  • Reservations may ONLY be made through the Tea Club by contacting Donna Lerew, 717-741-2684, or by email.

  • Prices always include tax and tip.

  • The cutoff date for each tea is the last date reservations may be canceled and still get a refund or credit. (Refunds are only sent after the last tea event of the year.)

  • Do not send money without confirming you have a reservation.

  • Make checks payable to: The Royal-tea Club!

  • Send payment to Carol Lee Bettendorf, 115 Highland Avenue, Abbottstown, PA 17301-9562 within 10 days of reservation.

Reservations are now being taken for the following events:
Saturday, May 2nd, 1:00 PM – The Tea Trolley.  Step back into history and enjoy an afternoon tea surrounded by Victorian elegance. Members Price: $25.25.  (Non-members price: $27.75.)  Address: 104 Main Street, Delta, PA 17314.  Telephone number: 717-303-5182.  Cutoff date: April 22nd. 40 seats available.

Saturday, May 30th, 1:00 PM – One of our Virginia members has recommended The Tea Cart. We love to try your recommendations! The very nice owner is anxious to have us so please come, y’all. Members Price: $30.00. 

(Non-members price: $32.50.)  Address: 16 W. Main Street, Berryville, VA 22611.  Telephone number: 540-955-0832.  Cutoff date: May 20th. 45 seats available.

Friday, June 12th, 1:00 PM – Please join us as we once again visit Camellia’s Sin Tea Parlor. The name derives from Camellia sinensus, the plant tea is harvested from. Members Price: $27.75.  (Non-members price: $30.00.) 

Address: 36 W. Pomfret Street, Carlisle, PA 17013.  Telephone number: 717-243-6292. 

Cutoff date: June 2nd. 40 seats available. (50 seats if nice weather.)
Saturday, June 20th, 2:00PM – A return visit to Gypsy’s Tea Room is long overdue. Members Price: $32.25.  (Non-members price: $34.75.)  Address: 111 Stoner Avenue, Westminster, MD 21157.  Telephone number: 410-857-0058.  Cutoff date: June 10th. 60 seats available.
Saturday, July 25th, 12:00 Noon –
Come one, come all to the Club’s Annual Luncheon! Some like it catered and some like a covered dish. We have had it catered three years in a row, so now it is time to once again have a covered dish luncheon. Get out those favorite recipes and bring your delicious item to share. This is a fun afternoon with time for socializing with your tea club friends, play some games and win some prizes. We will also again have the Silent Auction tables as well as the Used Books tables so please bring your new or gently used items or give them to the hostess at a tea event. No additional entertainment is planned. Members Price: $5.00.  (Non-members price: $7.50.)  Address: New Fairview Church of the Brethren, 1873 New Fairview Church Road, York, PA 17403.  Telephone number: 717-741-2684.  Cutoff date: July 18th. Lots of seats.
Saturday, August 29th, 12:30 PM – We will journey to Middletown, PA to have tea at Alfred’s Victorian. Please note: We will be served tea on the second floor. Members Price: $33.50. 

(Non-members price: $36.00.)  Address: 38 N. Union Street, Middletown, PA 17057. 

Telephone number: 717-944-5373.  Cutoff date: August 19th. 54 seats available.



We invite you to join us on a four island Hawaii cruise with

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)

October 30th - November 7th, 2015

All prices based on double occupancy.

Balcony $2424.66

Oceanview $2300.40

Inside $1674.09

Join us as we travel where rain is but liquid sunshine and tropical breezes always blow. You may also arrange extra days before or after the cruise in a hotel of your choice.

Contact Lynda Maxwell at Destinations, Inc., 410-992-6656, for more information or to make a reservation.

Bedford Springs Tea and Fall Festival

Donna Lerew and Betsy Green have planned a special trip for us. Join us as we travel to Bedford, Pennsylvania. En route, there will be a stop at the Flight 93 National Memorial and a stop for tea at Bedford Springs Hotel. The next day we will attend the Bedford Fall Festival where there will be artisans, craftsman, and vendors in period attire. Then time to relax and enjoy dinner at Slick Ivy’s Stone Restaurant before the journey home.

Please see the trip flyer included with this newsletter or go to

Future Trip Plans

A trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto is being planned for May 2016. For information regarding this trip, contact Donna Lerew at 717-741-2684.

An August 2016 trip to Scotland is also in the planning stages. Contact Sharon Hart at 717-332-5851 for more information about this trip.


Join us at Seven Oaks for our 16th year. We have new hours.

Tuesday-evening teas only

Wednesday & Friday – luncheon teas only

Saturdays – groups of 6 or more

Please call for a reservation 717-259-9594.

We are now booking for Mother’s Day, celebrating in the weeks of May 4 – 16, keeping in mind we’ll be celebrating May 10 with my Mother who is 85 years young.

June is National Tea Month so there will be lots of iced tea and we will be serving hot tea, as well, along with scones, soups, salads, assorted tea savories, along with fresh fruit. And don’t forget dessert, all made from scratch.

By Reservation Only

Call: 717-259-9594

Hope to see you soon!

Happy Teaing,

Deb and Bruce


Serving Tea Lovers for 26 Years”

TEAS: Green ~ Oolong ~ Black

Loose Leaf & Specialty Bagged Teas

Herbs ~ Spices ~ Custom Blends ~ Gadgets

Select your TEA Saturdays, 6 am – Noon

Hanover Farmers’ Market

210 E. Chestnut Street, Hanover, PA

Many of AEE’s quality products are sold at fine tearooms, gift shops, & events.
Orders & Inquiries for all Products are Invited

Request a current AEE Tea & Product List

Ask about: FREE & Flat Rate Shipping

Contact Mary: anearlyelHYPERLINK ""eHYPERLINK ""ganHYPERLINK ""cHYPERLINK ""
Celebrate in June, it’s

June Tea at Camp Eder

It’s a special afternoon benefit tea in the lovely South Mountains at Camp Eder on June 6th from Noon-3pm. Conveniently located at 914 Mt. Hope Rd., Fairfield, PA. Enjoy three courses and teas. Be serenaded by harp, entertained by Sharon Weisser, and shop for tea and gifts or stroll the grounds. For details: Call Lori at 717-642-8256 or Email Lori at Camp Eder is an outdoor ministry of the Church of the Brethren

Please see the attached announcement and sign-up form for the South Carroll Lioness-Lions Double Basket Bingo

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