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The Royal-tea Club

Autumn, October 20, 2015


-Editor's Note

-Travel News

-Upcoming Club Events

-Club Contacts

-Time to Renew


The leaves are turning and the air has grown cool as the last weeks of our club’s eleventh year come to an end.

We have two new, but very different Christmas activities for you. Don’t miss out! Reservations are now being taken.
I wish all of you and yours a very blessed holiday season.
See you next year!
Teafully yours,


For Reservations for the Niagara/Toronto Trip: Contact Donna Lerew at 717-741-2684 or email her at

For Tea Club Payments, except ads:

Send checks made out to 'The Royal-tea Club' to Carol Lee Bettendorf, 115 Highland Avenue, Abbottstown, PA 17301-9562. Should you need to contact her, call 717-259-5577.

For New Membership Applications or Renewal of Dues:

Contact Betsy Green, 410-259-1853 or email her at Mail should be sent to The Royal-tea Club, c/o Betsy Green, 1233 Old Fridinger Mill Road, Westminster, MD 21157-3365.

For the Newsletter, Ads, or Scotland Trip:

Contact Sharon Hart at 717-332-5851.



Please read the following instructions:

  • Telephone number for each establishment is provided should you need directions.

  • Reservations may ONLY be made through the Tea Club by contacting Donna Lerew, 717-741-2684, or by email.

  • Prices always include tax and tip.

  • The cutoff date for each tea is the last date reservations may be canceled and still get a refund or credit. (Refunds are only sent after the last tea event of the year.)

  • Do not send money without confirming you have a reservation.

  • Make checks payable to: The Royal-tea Club!

  • Send payment to Carol Lee Bettendorf, 115 Highland Avenue, Abbottstown, PA 17301-9562 within 10 days of reservation.

Reservations are now being taken for the following events:
Saturday, November 7th, 1:00 PM – Celebrate autumn with a visit to Sweet Simplici-tea Tea Room. Members Price: $26.00.  (Non-members price: $28.50.)  Address: 7540 Main Street, Sykesville, MD 21784.  Telephone number: 410-549-7676.  Cutoff date: September 27th. There are 12 seats available.
Saturday, November 12th and 14th, 12 Noon Share camaraderie and the tea experience at Higinbotham’s B & B and Tea Room. One of the oldest homes in New Oxford, and winner of the 2009 Historic Gettysburg-Historical Preservation Award, the 1823 Federal Style building remains largely unchanged from its’ original form. Members Price: $29.00.  (Non-members price: $31.50.)  Address: 102 Lincolnway West, New Oxford, PA 17350.  Telephone number: 717-624-1866.  Cutoff date: November 4th. Six seats available for 11/12 only.
Wednesday, December 2nd or Saturday, December 5th, 10:30 am - 2015 Christmas Show  "Deck the Halls"

at American Music Theater (AMT), 2425 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster, PA  17602, 800-648-4102. Experience the magic of a musical Christmas, live on stage.  The show features electrifying dance moves, big, lush musical arrangements from the live orchestra and spectacular vocals from the multi-talented AMT cast.  The beautiful scenery, elegant ball gowns, and debonair tuxedos will fill the stage and are sure to delight your senses.

NOTE - seats for December 2nd are in the balcony.  Elevators are available, seating will be down 2 - 6 steps.  Do not worry, the AMT has excellent viewing from any of the seats in the theater. The December 5th show is on the main floor with no steps required.
Following the show, tea will be served at 1:30 pm at:

Sugarplums, 403 Bank Barn Lane, Lancaster, PA,

717-394-1966. The tearoom is 3 1/2 miles from the American Music Theater. You will be given directions to the tearoom from the theater.
Total cost (show and tea) is $58.

Nine seats available for December 5th only, dependant on whether Donna is able to get tickets at AMC.

Wednesday, December 9th, 12 noon

Please join us to celebrate the holidays at a Holiday Tea Luncheon at historical Antrim 1844. There will be a four course meal - soup, salad, tea sandwiches and quiche, assorted dessert, scones, clotted cream and jams, iced tea, hot tea, coffee, water. (Alcoholic beverages not included). Members Price: $36.00.  (Non-members price: $37.50.)  Address: 30 Trevanion Road,Taneytown, MD  21787. Telephone number: 800-858-2744.  Cutoff date: November 30th.

NOTE -   The Hotel is giving a corporate rate for rooms booked the night before or the night of the tea (starting at $110.00). Several members from VA. have already booked rooms. 
 Contact Antrim 1844 directly for reservations for rooms.

 For tea reservations, contact Donna.



Membership dues for new members and for membership renewals are payable on a calendar basis, beginning January 1st of each year.  Dues for an electronic copy of the quarterly newsletter are $5.00 annually; for a paper (mail) copy dues are $10.00.  An additional one-time only charge of $10.00 for new members is required to be included with your initial dues payment. This $10.00 charge allows the Club to purchase a magnetic name tag for you to wear at all Club events.  Renewing members may also purchase the magnetic name tag for $10.00 or they can continue to use their embroidered name tag they purchased in the past.

 All dues, together with a new member or renewal application, are to be sent to Betsy Green, 1233 Old Fridinger Mill Road, Westminster, MD 21157.  Betsy can be reached at (410) 259-1853 for any questions regarding your dues or membership.


Serving Tea Lovers for 27 Years”

Pumpkin Spice Tea & Pumpkin Chai are Here!!
Select TEAS Saturdays, 6 am – Noon

Hanover Farmers’ Market

210 E. Chestnut Street, Hanover, PA

Green ~ Oolong ~ Black ~ Tisanes

(Choose from 200+ varieties)
PURE: Herbs ~ Spices ~ Botanicals

(Drink alone or create a beverage or dish)

Loose Leaf & Specialty Bagged Teas

Tea Time Luxuries ~ Gadgets ~ Books

Quality Handmade Treasures
AEE’s excellent products are sold at
Fine Tearooms, Gift Shops, & Events.

Orders & Inquiries are Invited

Request a current AEE Product List

Having a TEA Fundraising Event?

Contact Mary:
FREE & Flat Rate Shipping


All trip flyers are located on the club’s web site. Go to

Bedford Springs Tea and Fall Festival

October 9 – 10, 2016

This trip has been cancelled.

Springtime in Niagara Falls & Toronto, ON

May 16 – 20, 2016

Join us as we head north to visit Niagara Falls, Toronto, and Niagara-on-the-Lake. You will even be able to enjoy the magnificent falls from your hotel on the Canadian side. We will visit them and all they have to offer. Then visit the 98 room mansion, Casa Loma, in downtown Toronto. Discover secret nooks and stroll the ‘secret’ tunnel from the basement to the stables. Experience tea in Canada at Pillar & Post in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada’s first capital.

To make reservations or for more information, contact Donna Lerew at 717-741-2684.

Fifteen seats are available for this trip.

niagara falls, ny: american falls


August 7th – August 20th, 2016

Come see lochs and glens, thistle and heather, 

kilts and bagpipes, and land of ‘OUTLANDER!”
Only four seats remain!

Join us on our Scottish adventure.

The basic land trip price is $3499 and the airfare, when booked through CIE, is $1570. (Please disregard the total price shown on the flyer.)
Keep in mind we will be traveling to Scotland at the height of high season in order to see the famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo.  

Why?  That is the only way to see the famous Edinburgh Tattoo at the Edinburgh Castle.  And yes, that show is included in your trip price.  

You may make your own air arrangement, however.  Just indicate it on your reservation form.  Please also indicate if you have any special needs.  There is no space on the form, though. And trip insurance MUST be paid at time of reservation if you select it.
Please join us!

Reservation Form

Your reservation will be held for you with

a minimum of a $20 deposit per person. The

balance is to be paid at the door. No-shows forfeit their deposit. Paid advance reservations are required for this event. Anyone occupying a seat must have a reservation.

Check # Amount:


Phone #:

Number of reservations:

To be seated with Linda Smith

Please List all Additional Names in your Party on the Reverse Lower Portion of this form.

Contact Sharon Hart at 717-332-5851 for reservations or more information about this trip.

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