If you suspect, because of the weather forecast, that your school might be delayed or canceled, email the teacher and/or lim in advance to find out what to do

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Language in Motion and Bad Weather

(Snow, Sleet, Ice, Extreme Cold, Flooding, etc.)

If you suspect, because of the weather forecast, that your school might be delayed or canceled, email the teacher and/or LIM in advance to find out what to do.
If the public schools are closed or delayed because of the weather, our presentations or observations will be affected.
To find out on presentation day if schools are in session and on time:

Option A: (faster than the other two options unless you get lucky with the timing):

  • Go on the internet to: http://wpsu.org/closings OR http://wearecentralpa.com/

  • Look for the name of the school district, not the school itself, (list follows) in which you are presenting. The schools are grouped by what is happening: Closed or Delay (and the length of the delay) or Early Dismissal.

Option B: Tune in to a local radio station such as 102.5 FM and listen for announcements. They are usually made

two or three times per hour.
Option C: Watch a local TV channel. They usually scroll delays and closings in alphabetical order across the bottom

of the screen.

What to do next:

If you find the district of the school you are going to is listed, here is what you do:

  1. If the school is closed, the presentations for that day are cancelled. Contact lim@juniata.edu by email right away. We will contact the teacher. Be sure your driver (or presenter) also knows that the scheduled trip is not happening!

  1. If the school opening is delayed, any presentations scheduled before 10:00 a.m. are either cancelled or have had the time changed. Presentations later in the day may also be on a new time schedule. You need to do several things:

  1. Call the school to find out whether the periods you were to present in are still going to meet (some schools rotate which periods get skipped on the day of a delay; other schools have them all but shorten them, thus changing their start and end times).

  2. If you can still go to those periods, contact your driver (or presenter) to be sure that your transportation will still work. If so, contact the school to tell the teacher that you will be coming.

  3. If you can’t go because the period times have changed or because you no longer have transportation, call the school to cancel your presentations. Be sure to tell them the name of the teacher in whose classes you are presenting! Then email lim@juniata.edu with some dates for which we can reschedule you. The teacher will expect you to do these presentations on another day.

  4. If the driver can’t go but you still can, contact the driver coordinator, Bri Voth, by phone at 760-855-3684 or Deb Roney by phone (814-641-3493) or email (roneyd@juniata.edu). We may be able to find another driver to get you there. If we find one and you are going, we will confirm with the school that you are coming. If we don’t find one, we will cancel for the day, and you will need to send us new dates for us to reschedule you.



Altoona Area School District

(814) 946-8211

Altoona High School

(814) 946-8273

Altoona Junior School

(814) 381-7500

Penn Lincoln Elementary School


Bergstein, Haduck, Patton, Petrarca, Poole, Quynn

Apollo Ridge School District

Apollo Ridge High School



Bald Eagle Area School District

(814) 355-4868

Reese, Simpson, Smith

Bedford Area School District

(814) 623-4290

Bedford Area High School

(814) 623-4290

Kegg, Lantz, Neff, Taylor, Ulanowicz

Bellefonte Area School District

(814) 355-4814

Bellefonte Area High School

(814) 355-4833

Barton, Butch, Fitzgerald, Howard, Maney, Martin, Mease, Morris, Packer, Zimdahl-McManu

Belleville Mennonite School

(814) 502-8008

Farley, Harztler, Quinn

Bellwood-Antis School District

(814) 742-2270

Bellwood-Antis High School

(814) 742-2274

Brant, Burch, Claar, Elliott-Smith, McMaul, McMinn, Smith, Van Scoyoc

Central Cambria District

Bishop Carroll High School


Holy Name School


Adams, Hertzog, Kochara, Seymour



Central Fulton School District

McConnellsburg Jr./Sr. High School



Clearfield Area School District

(814) 765-5511

Clearfield Area High School

(814) 765-2401


Elizabethtown Area School District

(717) 367-1521

Elizabethtown Area High School

(717) 367-1533

Elizabethtown Area Middle School

(717) 361-7525

Bronson, Crawford, Gotowski, Jennings, Huesken, Murphy, Nicodemus, Safford, Sahid, Shenk, Vamer

Everett Area School District

Everett Area High School

(814) 652-9114

Beidle, Leonard

Fannett Metal School District

Fannett Metal High School


Logan, Waite, Wilson

Forbes Road School District

Forbes Road Jr./Sr. High School


Bollman, Cutshall, Gelvin, Hollinshead

Huntingdon Area School District

Huntingdon Area High School


Huntingdon Area Middle School


Southside Elementary School


Standing Stone Elementary School


Elder, Foster, Guisler, Kurtz, Marter, McMath, Oldham, Tomlinson, Werner

Anders, Botteicher, Brown, Buterbaugh, Decker, Miller (K), Miller (L), Mykut, Schaffer, Smith (P),

Hess, Kraft, Kylor, Marko, Miller (T), Palguta, Reed, Savino, Smith (Catie), Smith (Cheryl)

Clapper, McNamara, Miller (J), Payne, Simpson, Snare, Watson, Wright (P), Zerbe

Juniata County School District

(717) 463-2111

East Juniata High School

(717) 463-2111




Juniata Valley School District

(814) 669-9150

Juniata Valley High School

(814) 669-4401

Juniata Valley Elementary School

(814) 669-4422

Braxton, Gregory, Hershey, Johnson, Joivell, Musselman, Cowher, Czambel, Gillam, Hurley, McMullen, Musser (B), Musser (M), Rahoi, Rimmer, Sipols, Smith, Steward, Vlasak

Mifflin County School District

(717) 248-0148

Mifflin County High School

(717) 248-5441

Mifflin County Middle School

(717) 242-1401

Mifflin County Jr. High School

(717) 242-0240

Strode Mills Elementary School

(717) 248-7154

Fernandez, Pascon, Soldubehere, Yoder, Appel, Aultz, Barnhardt, Bowers, Cassner, Castro-Hopple, Eckenroth (J), Mattern, Watkins, Reese, Grimes, Eckenroth (E), Miller, Smith

Mount Union Area School District

(814) 542-8633

Mount Union Area High School

(814) 542-9311

Kistler Elementary School

(814) 542-2595

Mapleton Elementary School


Burton, Hendricks, Plank, Shields, Starr, Young, Dell, Keating, Wright

Penn Cambria School District

Penn Cambria High School

(814) 886-8188

Davidson, Gleason, Lawlor, Manning, Rodgers, Tomaselli

Penn-Mont Academy

(814) 696-8801

Barthelmes, Grove, Rodriguez, Zajac

Penns Valley Area School District

(814) 422-2000

Penns Valley High School

(814) 422-8854

Kitchen, Lanich, Suhey, Zatek

Southern Fulton School District

(717) 294-2203

Southern Fulton High School

(717) 294-3251

Southern Fulton Elementary School

(717) 294-3400

Barton, Greist, Hollenshead, Layton



Southern Huntingdon County School District

(814) 447-5529

Southern Huntingdon County High School

(814) 447-5529

Rockhill Elementary School

(814) 447-3631

Shade Gap Elementary School


Atherton, Gozikownski, Bartello, Deihl, Griest, Park, Hicks, Maxwell

Spring Cove School District

(814) 224-5124

Central High School

(814) 793-2111

Logan, Waite, Wilson

Tuscarora School District

Tuscarora Junior High School


Cook, Imes

Tussey Mountain School District

Tussey Mountain High School


Defiance Elementary School


Adams, Jancula, Kozak, Manges, Thompson, Wakefoose, Houck

Tyrone Area School District

(814) 684-0710

Tyrone Area High School

(814) 684-4240

Burket, Cammarata, DePiro, Hetrick, Redinger, Salamy, Sechler

Williamsburg School District

Williamsburg Community High School

(814) 832-2125

Baronner, Estrada, Over

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