Ideal place to study Read the text about ideal school and match the words with their definitions

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Mid term exam

Faculty: Chemistry

Course: III

Surname/Name:Mirazim Sobitov

Ideal place to study
Read the text about ideal school and match the words with their definitions.
At the moment I go to a large comprehensive school in the center of the city. It's quite a good school, but obviously it could be better. Now I'm going to tell you about my ideal school.

My ideal school won't be situated in the center of the city, where air pollution is very high and it is very noisy. It would be in the countryside near a big park so that students could walk there after lunch to relax. There would be a large coffee bar where we could have a cup of tea or coffee during the breaks. My school would also have computers in all classrooms. Another thing would be a music studio where we could play and record music.

Nowadays we have to study a lot of subjects at school. But I think the most important subjects are those which are useful, that is, those which help you to enter a university or to find a job. In my opinion these subjects should be compulsory at school and the others should be optional. Of course, English will be a compulsory subject at my school because we might find it useful for writing letters and applications. We might also need English to express ourselves in interviews for a job. Information technology is another important subject. It should be taught because everyone will need to use computers in the future. Otherwise they won't be able to get a job. However, there would be some new elective subjects, for example, driving lessons, cookery, or self-defense. In addition, all students would have some free lessons in order to do private study or homework. As well as the subjects on the timetable, there would be many after-school clubs, such as chess, drama, photography and sports. There would be regular trips to places like museums and art galleries too.

To sum up, I think my school would have a good variety of activities — something for everyone. It's certainly a place I would like to go to!

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