I have entered the University in this year and I have not any certificate from cefr, but I have taken band score from ielts. My purpose was taking the highest result from ielts

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расчет теплообменик, Маматов Фахритдин Кудратович((ERIELL), Айырым иррационал функцияларды интеграллаў (2), Айырым иррационал функцияларды интеграллаў (2), КРОССВОРД, Маркетинг ТЕСТЛАРИ охиргиси, Маркетинг ТЕСТЛАРИ охиргиси, Далолатнома 2, Далолатнома 2, Далолатнома 2, 1 MAVZU, @BOOKS KITOB QUTADG\'U BILIG, Fizika test 300 ta

1) I have entered the University in this year and I have not any certificate from CEFR, but I have taken 5.0 band score from IELTS. My purpose was taking the highest result  from IELTS. Firstly, I can say that my best level is from writing, the reason for this, my level was 5.5 Because, I am addicted to learning new words and writing essays. In addition to this, my second better level was my listening skill, my level from it is 6.0 As, I have achieved it by watching English movies and listen to English songs, Frankly speaking, I’m favourite of watching some interesting movies. My reading could be in the third place because of getting 4.0, because, I couldn't manage time properly so I have got lower result. Furthermore, my slowest level was speaking skill owing to my sloth. It was 3.5 score, because at that time, emotions were exciting and I didn’t want to work hard and I did superficially.

2)As being a student of Year 4, I should get C1 level. For instance, I will work somewhere and I should be an intelligent workforce in the future. Moreover, currently, there are a lot of opportunities in order to ameliorate English skills in our country as well as I ought to be a proper person for society. So, for being like that, I should achieve C1 level.

3)As for me, there are a lot of opportunities to work on and increase our English level by using the internet properly and usefully. At first, we can speak foreign people with social networking or attend to some education trainings by professionals. We also can learn new techniques to utilize academic words by watching online tutorial lessons on the YouTube channels. Besides that we can go up our level by movies and music or read interesting books in English language.
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