How tomato ketchup is made

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How tomato ketchup is made

There are 15 stages in the process, from picking tomatoes by farmer, to enjoying it with dish.

The first step is that the tomatoes are picked and put in basket. Before sending tomatoes to factory, they have been selected only on good ones. After skin, seeds and stalk have been removed from the vegetables, they are then filled into containers. In order to turn they into liquid form, tomatoes have been covered and crushed. After the crushed stage, to make a ketchup, in the liquid are added such ingredients as sugar, salt and vinegar and put it on the stove to boil.

Then they are left in the pot for two hours, the ketchup are poured into bottles and properly labelled. At this point, bottles are packed into boxes under strict control on quality, then they are delivered to supermarkets. Finally, customer buy the tomatoes ketchup bottle and eat it with food.
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