How can we make cities better place to live

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How can we make cities better place to live

The living conditions in our city are getting worse and worse. Exhaust fumes and smoke from the factories are polluting the air and trees are being cut down. Furthermore, the river is being polluted by chemicals from the factories and people are suffering from breathing difficulties and stomach problems. We should do something before it’s too late.

One big problem is the amount of rubbish and litter. To reduce the amount of litter, we could make some recycling scemes. Also good things to do might be to add more bins to the city centres, use stricter fines and advertise the new ways of reducing the amount of litter to the people. As a result we could have cleaner streets and fewer diseases.

Another big problem is that too many trees are being cut down. A simple suggestion could solve the problem: for every tree cut down, we should plant 10 new ones. As a result we would have more oxygen to breathe and animals wouldn’t lose their natural habitats.

The last major problem is water pollution. The government should put heavy fines for the factory owners who pollute the water, and also filters should be used. As a result we could have cleaner water and the sea life won’t be threatened any more.

All things considered, there are many solutions to all the problems. The sooner we put them into practice, the better our lives will become.
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