Hosted by: usa athletics coaching staff with over 25 years of coaching experience.

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Softball Skills Clinic

Open for all ages and skill levels!

An entire day of Softball Drills and lunch for only $25!

Coaches are welcome to attend & participate to increase their coaching knowledge!


USA ATHLETICS COACHING STAFF with over 25 years of coaching experience. (Including West Grove & USA Athletics own Eli Sandoval!)

16U USA Athletic Team Sandoval girls will be helping on field and interacting with your girl!

Date, Time, & Location: MARCH 6TH from 9AM-2PM at Enders.

Event Details:

Fundamental skills and drills for all players with focus on individual specialized positions. Some highlights will include; Pitching, Catching, Fielding & Throwing (both foot work & arm angles), Base Running Techniques & all aspects of Hitting.

***Space is limited! Reserve your spot today!***


Your space will only be held once payment is received. Please make checks out to WGGSL.

Please indicate which instruction your girl will be coming to receive. If all aspects, indicate that.

$25 per player which will include instruction and lunch.

Lunch will consist of hot dog, bag of chips, and drink. Snacks and water not provided. Bathrooms will be open.

Tentative schedule; 9AM; Pitcher & Catcher check in & warms ups

9:15-10:45; Pitcher & Catcher Drills. (Pitchers may need an adult to catch for them)

10:30AM: Positional Players Check in & warm ups.

11AM-1:00PM: Hitting & Fielding drills. Specific for skill & age level.

1:00PM-2PM: Lunch for all players and Q&A for coaches and parents.

Download 257.16 Kb.

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