Hong Kong Section. P. O. Box 65269, Tseung Kwan o post Office, Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Section .

P.O. Box 65269, Tseung Kwan O Post Office, Hong Kong

Technical Visit to Ho Tung Lau (Site A) Development
organized by

American Society of Civil Engineers – Hong Kong Section
Date of Site Visit: 11 March 2006 (Saturday)
Time: 9:00am – 12:00 noon
Assembly: KCR Fotan Station Northern Concourse (at Lok King Street level)
Program Highlight:
The Ho Tung Lau ( Site A ) Development is a residential development consists of ten 40 to 46 storey residential tower blocks. The whole development will be built on top of the existing KCR Ho Tung Lau Maintenance Centre, Workshop and Depot where portion of the existing live tracks and railway operations will have to maintain during development constructions. Construction difficulties such as foundation construction adjacent to railway tracks and podium deck construction over existing high voltage overheadline require extreme care on construction method planning prior to execution of works. Careful safety procedures, needed to be endorsed by KCRC, are the major key issue to complete this development project. Present site activities include : construction of high strength minipile foundation; erection of refinforced concrete columns and composite columns from railway level; launching of precast U-shells above existing live tracks and high voltage overheadlines. The whole development will anticipate to complete in 2008.
Registration and Enquires:
For enquiry, please contact Miss Barbara Siu at e-mail: barbara@ust.hk. Registration is required and the maximum number of participants is restricted to 20. Enrolment on first-come-first-served basis and priority is given to ASCE Members.

Please note that neither ASCE nor the parties concerned accept any liability in connection with the visit.

Wear clothing appropriate for a construction site visit including safety boots.

Hard hats will be provided.

Registration form / Confirmation Slip

To : Miss Kelly WOO (email to: asce@ust.hk)

I confirm that I understand that neither ASCE nor the parties concerned accept any liability in connection with the visit and shall attend the above technical visit at the designated time and date.

My particulars are:-

Name : Mobile Tel. No.:

Membership No. : Company Name:
Email Address : Title :
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