Grant City Commission Regular Meeting Minutes January 21, 2008

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City Commission Minutes January 21, 2008

Grant City Commission Regular Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2008

The regular meeting of the Grant City Commission was held on Monday, January 21, 2008, at the City of Grant Offices.

1. Call to Order: Mayor Terry Fett called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
2. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
3. Roll Call:
PRESENT: Mayor Terry Fett, Commissioner Eric Irwin, Commissioner Anne Pickard, Commissioner Harry Robinson, and Commissioner Terri Yeomans.
OTHERS PRESENT: Doug La Fave-City Manager, Sherry Powell– Assistant City Manager/Clerk, Grant PD Officer Jose Ontiveros, and Ken Passeno.

EXCUSED: Commissioner Julie Hallman and Commissioner Cheryl Lake

4. Approval of the Agenda: Added AICS as item f. under 10. Information Items/Updates.

Motion: Motion made by second by Yeomans to approve the agenda with the addition, second by Irwin.

Motion carried unanimously.

5. Public Comment:

Ken Passeno asked if the City tracks businesses in town as far as permits, etc. He would like to see the City require business owners to be legal U.S. residents. He expressed a concern over loud motorcycles and mufflers as they pertain to the City’s noise ordinance, and would like to see something done about the problem.

6. Consent Agenda

a-e. Approval of the Consent Agenda

Motion: Motion made by Yeomans, second by Irwin to approve the consent agenda.

Motion carried unanimously.

7. Unfinished Business:

a. Act 425 Agreement with Grant Township: There is a conditional commitment with Grant Township so all school property would be under a uniform jurisdiction. Terms for these agreements vary from 1 year to 50 years.

b. Annexation: We are waiting to hear back from Grant Township.

  1. Zoning Ordinances-International Property Maintenance Code: We are looking into the best applicable way to apply this to our own City.

8. New Business:

a. Resolution 08-01, Appointing Various Board Members to City Boards.

Motion: Motion made by Yeomans, seconded by Pickard to approve Resolution 08-01.

Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Resolution 08-02, Permitting City Manager to sign documents pertaining to grants unless otherwise specified by awarding agency.

Motion: Motion made by Robinson, seconded by Yeomans to approve Resolution 08-02.

Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Resolution 08-03, For repairing front drive shaft of the GMC plow truck.

Motion: Motion made by Yeomans, seconded by Pickard to approve Resolution 08-03.

Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Resolution 08-04, To pay sewer backup claim for 175 Commerce St..

Motion: Motion made by Yeomans, seconded by Irwin to approve Resolution 08-04.

Commissioner Pickard asked for clarification about need for replacing lower room boards.

Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Resolution 08-05, By local governing body for charitable gaming license for Grant Public Schools.

Motion: Motion made by Pickard, seconded by Irwin to approve Resolution 08-05.

Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Resolution 08-06, Authorizing funds for topographic survey and mapping for streetscape.

Motion: Motion made by Yeomans, seconded by Robinson to approve Resolution 08-06.

Motion carried unanimously.

9. Other Business:

a. DPW: The first Committee meeting has been held. We will be meeting with each employee one-on-one soon.

  1. Sewer Use Ordinance: We are crafting a uniform sewer use ordinance.

  1. U.S. Forestry Service/DNR Arbor Day Tree Grant: Doug received a grant for a couple of new trees.

  1. Possible donation to Grant Public Schools for painting a new band trailer

Motion: Motion made by Mayor Fett, seconded by Irwin to approve a donation of $100.00. Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Information Items/Updates:

    1. Alltel update: They will definitely present plans to add 8 cell towers to our water tower.

    1. Skatepark grant update: Milt Barr has almost completed the entire first ramp.

    1. DPW Committee update: Already covered in item 9b. above.

d.. Streetscape update: Doug spoke with Julie from MDOT, and was told the earliest the project can be started in April 1, 2009.

e. DDA update: We had our first meeting on the 17th. The meeting dates and times were established, as well as the election of Chair Terry Fett and Co-Chair Dennis Nelson.
f. AICS: The Newaygo County Sheriff’s Department has been using our location as a sub-station for quite some time now. As a result, our AICS bill has doubled with their additional use of AICS. They have offered to pay this bill for the entire next year. Officer Ontiveros commented on the dial-up line and how difficult it is to work with. He expressed an interest in upgrading the technology when it becomes financially possible.
11. Public Comments:

12. Adjournment without objection at 7:44 pm.
___________________________________ ___________________________________

Mayor Terry Fett Sherry Powell, Grant City Clerk
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