Grades k thru This program teaches various skills needed to compete at the Middle School and High School level. Wrestlers will be divided into groups based upon age, size and experience

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The Pottsgrove Youth Wrestling Club is a way for kids to become familiar with amateur wrestling. The program is open to all area students, grades K thru 7. This program teaches various skills needed to compete at the Middle School and High School level. Wrestlers will be divided into groups based upon age, size and experience.

Registration dated: Wednesday, October 22, 2014, Thursday, October 30, 2014 and Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Practices: First Practice

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays starting November 17th

Grades K-2 practice 6PM to 7PM

Grades 3-7 practice from 7 to 8:30PM

Location: At the Pottsgrove Middle School, remedial Gym

Cost: $100 (which includes 1 championship tournament, end of season party and award)

Mandatory Fundraiser - 2 Bag Bingo tickets ($25 each)

Practice attire: Shorts, T-shirts, Wrestling Shoes and Socks

Coaches: Jeff Krause (610) 207-4947 & J.R. Hewitt (484) 300-1168

Forms of payment accepted are cash, credit and check. Please note, any NSF Checks, you are responsible for any fees incurred.

Email will be a means of communication – please indicate below if you do not have email.

Cancellations will be posted on the club website, our Facebook page and emailed out.

Club email:

Name:________________________________ AGE: ________

School Attending: _______________________ Approximate Weight ________

Years Experience Wrestling: _________ Grade: ___________

Parent Name(s): _________________________

Home Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Email Address: _________________________ Tel # (Most likely to be reached at): _______________

I acknowledge and fully understand that each participant will engage in activities that involve risk of serious injury which might result not only from their own actions, but the action of others, or the condition of the premises or of any equipment used. Further, that there may be other risks not known to us or not reasonably foreseeable at this time. I accept the foregoing risks and personal responsibility for the damages following such injury and hereby consent to allow my child to participate in the Pottsgrove Youth Wrestling Club (PYWC) program. I and my legal heirs release and agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the PYWC program, Pottsgrove School District, and any coach, assistant, sponsor, official or administrator for any claim, expense or liability incident to my child’s involvement or participation in the PYWC program. I agree that my child is covered under my health insurance plan, and will hold harmless those involved with the PYWC program.

By signing below I agree to have read and plan to abide by the Parents Code of Conduct which can be found on our website

Parent Name Parent Signature & Date

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