Grade Lesson 1a basics of e-learning The aim of the lesson

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Date : 20.04. 2020 10th grade Lesson Revision

Aims of the lesson : to improve pupils’ knowledge; to revise and consolidate all learnt materilas from previous lessons

Pupils do these exercises

      1. Read the text and in note form write down (12p)

  1. four things teens usually use social media for.

  2. the effects of night-time social media use on teens.

      1. Complete the sentences according to the text. (24p)

  1. June kept away from a couple of social networks since …

  2. June’s sister would ask June for her phone when …

  3. It is very important for her sister to reply to every message at night so that …

  4. She would accuse June of messing up her social life whenever …

  5. For teens not being able to reply instantly to a message …

  6. Some teens are so obsessed with social media that …

      1. True or False? Quote from the text to justify your answers. (18p)

  1. June doesn’t understand her sister’s obsession with social media at times.

  2. Teenagers feel pressured to be constantly online.

  3. June simply hated it when she was unable to log on for a week.

      1. Identify the phrasal verb in the first paragraph and explain its meaning. (6p)

      1. What do the following mean? (10p)

a) 24/7 b) FOMO

      1. Find the words in the text which mean the same as (15p)

  1. greater than before (paragraph 1)

  2. exaggerated enthusiasm (paragraph 1)

  3. harmful (paragraph 2)

  4. easily annoyed (paragraph 2)

  5. connected with (paragraph 3)

      1. What do the underlined words in the text refer to? (15p)

a) we b) them c) that d) this e) their

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