Goals and Objectives of South Boston Grows Goal 1: To improve community green space use in South Boston. Objective a

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Goals and Objectives of South Boston Grows

Goal 1: To improve community green space use in South Boston.

Objective a: To include South Boston community partners in the planning and growing of locally grown produce.

Objective b: To provide resource and personnel support for individual, family, and community partners to improve their South Boston neighborhoods, by using urban green space for food production.

Goal 2: To increase participants’ knowledge of how to grow edible plants in South Boston.

Objective a: To include South Boston community partners in the participants’ education concerning planting and growing of locally grown produce.

Goal 3: To increase the community, specifically urban youths’, intake, access, and exposure to fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs in South Boston.

Objective a: To grow fresh fruits and vegetables in various locations in South Boston using a combination of raised beds and container planting.

Objective b: To increase knowledge of nutrition and sustainable agriculture in South Boston via nutrition, farm, and garden-based education. This will be achieved through farm to School interventions, garden-based education, and increased exposure to Farmers Markets in South Boston.

Goal 4: To demonstrate sustainability of this urban agriculture education program; South Boston Grows.

Objective a: To evaluate participant and community interest and desired changes in the South Boston Grows’ program and its ongoing implementation.

Board Members of South Boston Grows

1. Phoebe Flemming, Registered Dietitian and ED of SBG

2. Michael McGee, Attorney and Clerk of SBG

3. Donna Brown, Housing Expert and Treasurer of SBG

4. Susan Labandibar, Technology Guru

5. Matthew Thayer, Local Business Owner

6. Jacob Bombard, Environmental Advocate

7. Christine Kane, Yoga and Literacy Teacher

8. Addie Conner, Social Media Expert

Annual Budget

Proposed 2014 Budget


Sources of Funds

Uses of Funds

Grassroots and/or Dept of Ag, etc.


Acquisition (currently no fee for land – contract w/ BHA but there will be for future sites)


Patagonia Foundation


Future Garden Construction


New England Grassroots Environment Fund and Match




South Boston Neighborhood Development Foundation


Cooking Program; supplies, teaching materials, food, professor,


South Boston Grows supporters

(ex: Individuals and the Moms Club)


Water and other garden maintenance


In kind, donations




 Pending Cabot Family Charitable Trust support


Staff: Exec Dir, Proj Mgr, youth


Pending Cabot Corporation Foundation Support


Overhead, Fee, etc.






Schools and Programs South Boston Grows has collaborated with include:

  • Boston Green Academy

  • Perkins Elementary

  • Boston Collegiate Charter School

  • Perry Elementary

  • Condon Elementary

  • South Boston High School

  • South Boston Youth Ambassadors

  • Girl Scouts

  • Youth Tutoring Youth Program at Laboure

  • Julie’s Family Learning Program

  • The Gavin Foundation/Cushing House

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