Global alliance meeting minutes

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December 2, 2008

Present: Linda Broughton (BHP Billiton), Charles Bucknam (Newmont), Terry Chatwin (INAP), Ed Cochiarella (Vale Inco), Keith Ferguson (Sustainability Engineering), Elizabeth Gardiner (MAC), Charlene Hogan (MEND/NRCan), Denis Kemp (DKC/Xstrata), Lars-Ake Lindahl (SveMin), Mike O’Kane (O’Kane Consultants), Meiring du Plessis (WRC), Bill Price (MEND/NRCan), Jim Robertson (Barrick), Steve Slater (Rio Tinto), Hoe The ( Barrick), Gilles Tremblay (MEND/NRCan), Bill Upton (Barrick), Rens Verburg (Golder), David Williams (BLM/USDI), Dean Williams (Kinross)

Teleconferencing: Thomas Baumgartl (University of Queensland), Clive Bell (ACMER), Linda Figueroa (ADTI, CSM), David Mulligan (University of Queensland)
David Williams (BLM/USDI) serving as chair

  1. GARD Guide progress – Keith Ferguson

On schedule and within budget

Continue momentum following roll-out

Need small editorial board to review comments

Need to have GARD Guide input from Europe prior to ICARD

a. Lars-Ake Lindahl suggested tie-in with ICARD review planning session

Need to have better linkings and interaction with other stakeholders

a.Elizabeth Gardiner suggested “web-inars”

2.Store and Release Covers – David Mulligan (via teleconference)

On 3rd stage of the project

Many sponsors including INAP, Rio Tinto, BHP Iron Ore, Barrick Australia

Project Team: University of Queensland, University of Western Australia, University of Technology - Sydney

a. Advisors: Mike O’Kane and Ward Wilson

b. Three PhD and Post-Doctoral scholarships funded by the project

Updates presented at the sponsors’ conference call in October 2008

a. Progress reported to Technical Manager and forwarded to OpCom

Total funding is $1.2 million and will end in 2010-2011

3.ICARD 8/Securing the Future – Lars-Ake Lindahl (no hard copy – all on cd)

Final program and invitations out by March 2009

Planning on 4 parallel sessions and 1 poster session

336 abstracts submitted – 192 selected (2 reviewers per abstract)

a.Criteria: relevance, scientific value, innovation

GARD Guide roll-out

Proposed INAP/GA meeting – Tuesday morning of ICARD

3 field trips planned

4.Global Alliance Expansion Plan – The key is to get the message out

How can we expand into South America?

a.Find country champions instead of continental groups

b. SME International working with a group in Lima

c. Steve Slater to target Argentina and Brazil

d. Ed Cocchiarella in contact with Vale (Brazil)

e. Linda Broughton contacts in Chile

f. Jim – use GARD Guide as a vehicle to gain credibility and awareness (must be industry driven)

g. Terry will prepare GARD Guide article for Steve who will translate it into

Spanish for publication in Argentine mining journals and then forward it to Linda who will do the same for Chile and Peru

h. Elizabeth Gardiner will contact her boss who is part of a South American

mining association for input

How can we expand into Asia?

a.Clive Bell – Group at Sun Yet Sen University setting up network which

should be complete by December – will send INAP the names

b.Clive translated a letter and sent it letting them know we want an acid rock network, not just one group

c.Clive’s former Indonesian students putting groups together at the university in Indonesia

5.Global Alliance Reports

MEND – Gilles Tremblay

a.5 complete reports during 2008

b.4 projects completed in draft and under review

c.Forwarded INAP newsletter to member – generated much interest

ADTI – Charles Bucknam

a.February 2008 – SME published ADTI-MMS’ first in a series workbook

b.ADTI to collaborate with ITRC on issues relating to prevention of ARD

c.February 2008 – David Williams presented paper on GARD Guide at SME

d.Linda Figueroa presented GARD Guide update at ITRC meeting

e.October 2008 – USEPA workshop discussed 2 chapters of GARD Guide

ACMER – Clive Bell

a.October 2008 – GARD Guide presentation in Brisbane with Clive and Rens

b.ARD workshop - February 2009 (Perth)

c.GARD Guide workshop - March 2009 (Brisbane)

d.Most recent ACMER newsletter will be sent to INAP

WRC – Meiring du Plessis

a.May 2008 – WISA conference with prize money for best student paper

b.October 2008 – GARD Guide workshop in conjunction with mine closure symposium

c.February 2009 – 2nd symposium on best practices

PADRE – no new news

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