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SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Jim Dandy: Fat Man in a Famine

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SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Jim Dandy: Fat Man in a Famine. A play. (2), 128pp. Cloth. D.j.

New York (Harcourt, Brace and Company), 1947.

1136 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Jim Dandy: Fat Man in a Famine. A play. 130pp. Cloth. D.j.

London (Faber and Faber), 1948.

1137 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. The Laughing Matter. A novel. 254pp. Cloth. D.j.

Garden City, New York (Doubleday & Company), 1953.

1138 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Letters from 74 rue Taitbout, or, Don’t Go But If You Must Say Hello to Everybody. (6), 162pp. Cloth. D.j.

New York/Cleveland (The World Publishing Company), 1969.

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New York (Samuel French), 1941.

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New York (New Directions Books), 1988.

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New York (New Directions Books), 1988.

1143 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Mardkayin katakergut‘yun. Targm. A. Kesar; zardankarets‘ Ton Frimen. viii, (2), 266, (2)pp. Illus. Cloth.

Boston (Tparan Hayrenik‘), 1943.

1144 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Mardkayin katakergut‘yun. 233, (3)pp. Frontis. Boards, 1/4 cloth.

Erevan (Haypethrat), 1959.

1145 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Menia zovut Aram: Rasskazy. 374, (2)pp. Frontis. Lrg. 8vo. Boards.

Erevan (Izdatel’stvo “Sovetakhan Grokh”), 1980.

1146 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. My Heart’s in the Highlands. A play. 140pp. Sm. 4to. Cloth (stained; slightly worn). Second printing. Ex library.

New York (Harcourt, Brace and Company), 1940.

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New York (Samuel French, Inc.), [1968].

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1149 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. My Name is Saroyan. 391pp. Wraps.

San Diego/New York (Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich), 1984.

1150 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Not Dying. [An autobiographical interlude]. With [26] drawings by the author. (4), 244pp. 26 figs. Cloth. D.j. First edition.

New York (Harcourt, Brace & World), 1963.

1151 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Ödlekler cesurdur: Öykü. Çeviren: Ohanne Kiliçdagi. 132, (4)pp. Frontis. Wraps.

Istanbul (Aras), 2001.

1152 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Once Around the Block. A play in one act. Revised. [Acting edition]. 20pp. Wraps.

New York (Samuel French), 1959.

1153 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. One Day in the Afternoon of the World. (4), 245pp. Cloth.

London (Cassell), 1965.

1154 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Peace: It’s Wonderful. 278pp. 12mo. Cloth. Second impression.

London (Faber and Faber), 1945.

1155 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. The Pheasant Hunter: About Fathers & Sons. Illustrated by Etienne Delessert. Second printing. 43pp. Illus. Sm. 8vo. Wraps.

Minneapolis (Redpath Press), 1986.

1156 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Places Where I’ve Done Time. Uncorrected Proofs. 182pp. Sm. 4to. Wraps. (covers detached).

New York/Washington (Praeger Publishers), 1972.

1157 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Sam Ego’s House. A play in three acts and seven scenes. [Acting edition]. 71pp. Wraps.

New York (Samuel French), 1949.

1158 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Sam, the Highest Jumper of them All, or, The London Comedy. 96pp. Cloth. D.j.

London (Faber and Faber), 1961.

1159 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. The Saroyan Special: Selected Short Stories. Illustrated by Don Freeman. xi, (3), 368pp. Illus. Sm. 4to. Orig. dec. cloth (slightly shaken and soiled). First edition.

New York (Harcourt, Brace and Company), [1948].

1160 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. The Slaughter of the Innocents. A play in two acts. [Acting edition]. 59, (5)pp., 1 plan. Wraps.

New York (Samuel French), 1958.

1161 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Three Plays: The Beautiful People, Sweeney in the Trees, and, Across the Board on To-morrow Morning. 139pp. Cloth.

London (Faber and Faber), 1943.

1162 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. The Time of Your Life. 247pp. Frontis. Lrg. 8vo. Cloth. D.j. First edition.

New York (Harcourt, Brace and and Company), 1939.

1163 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. The Time of Your Life. A comedy in three acts. [Acting edition]. 127pp., 1 plan. Wraps.

New York (Samuel French), 1969.

1164 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. The Time of Your Life. (RSC Playtexts.) 46pp. Wraps.

London (Methuen/RSC), 1983.

1165 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. The Tooth and My Father. Illustrated by Suzanne Verrier. (44)pp. Illus. Sm. oblong 4to. Boards. D.j.

Garden City, New York (Doubleday & Company), 1974.

1166 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Tracy’s Tiger. Drawings by Henry Koerner. 143pp. Illus. Cloth. D.j.

Garden City, New York (Doubleday & Company), 1951.

1167 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. The Twin Adventures. The Adventures of Wesley Jackson: A Novel. The Adventures of William Saroyan: A Diary. (4), 225, (2), 285pp. Cloth.

New York (Harcourt, Brace and Company), 1950.

1168 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Vesli Jeksoni arkatsnere. 402, (2)pp. Boards, 1/4 cloth.

Erevan (“Hayastan” Hratarakch‘ut‘yun), 1965.

1169 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Warsaw Visitor. Tales from the Vienna Streets. The last two plays of William Saroyan. Edited and with an introduction by Dickran Kouymjian. ix, (1), 213pp. Lrg. 8vo. Cloth. D.j.

Fresno (The Press at California State University), 1991.

1170 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. Yüregim daglardadir, yasamak vakti: Iki oyun. Çeviren: Ece Eroglu. 223pp. Wraps.

Istanbul (Aras), 2003.

1171 (SAROYAN, WILLIAM) BARTER, ALICE K. (EDITOR). Saroyan’s Armenians: An Anthology. 173, (3)pp. Lrg. 8vo. Wraps.

Huntington, West Virginia (University Editions), 1992.

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Boise, Idaho (Boise State University), 1984.

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New York (Twayne Publishers), 1991.

1174 FRESNO. FRESNO COUNTY FREE LIBRARY. William Saroyan Collection. Catalog of a special collection of the Fresno County Free Library. Compiled and with a note by the collector David Kherdian. 24pp. Wraps.

Fresno, 1965.

1175 SAROYAN, WILLIAM. (INTRODUCTION). Hairenik 1934-1939. An anthology of short stories and poems by young Armenian writers in the United States, and translations of selected short stories from the original Armenian, collected from issues of the Hairenik Weekly, 1934-1938 inclusive. xvii, (1), 205pp. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

Boston (Hairenik Press), 1939.

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Erevan (Izdatel’stvo “Zangak-97”), 1998.

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1180 WASHINGTON, D.C. ARMENIAN GENERAL BENEVOLENT UNION, WASHINGTON, D.C. CHAPTER. Tribute to William Saroyan. Sept. 25, 1981. (20)pp. Illus. Lrg. sq. 8vo. Wraps.

Washington, D.C., 1981.

1181 (SAROYAN, WILLIAM) ZOPEAN, PETROS. Depi Pit‘lis Uiliem Saroyeani het. xxxiii, (3), 377, (3)pp. Prof. illus. 4to. Wraps. Presentation copy, inscribed by the author.

Istanbul (Aras), 2003.

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Erevan (Haypethrat), 1959.

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