Fsca board Meeting

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5/24/2016 FSCA Board Meeting |MINUTES

Meeting date | time 5/24/2016 7:00 PM | Meeting location uberconference

Meeting called by

Van Drake

Type of meeting

General BOD Mtg


Van Drake

Note taker

Rollins Brown


Don Currie

Gary Wise

Pat Welch

Parsons Metzkow

Don White

Jim Odle

Scott Cobb

Barry Kelly

Van Drake

Louise Terry

Rollins Brown

Gregg Nelson

Not present: none

Agenda topics

  1. Agenda topic Treasurer’s Report | Presenter Gregg Nelson

Discussion: Current treasurer’s report is located at: TREASURER’S REPORT


And attached hereto as Exhibit A

We have spent about $8,800. We should throw between 2million and 2.2million targets this year.

Conclusion : Louise Terry Moved to approve. Gregg Nelson seconded the motion.

approved unanimously

  1. Agenda topic Bylaws Approved by NSCA | Presenter Van Drake

Discussion : Van stated that the Bylaws had been approved by headquarters and reminded us that future amendments would have to be approved again.

No further action needed.

3. Agenda topic Website Update | Presenter Van Drake

Discussion : We have the ability to sell several blocks for advertising revenue in the new website. We should use one block for the state shoot. We may want to look at Target Talk to see what kind of rates they are getting, even though they have greater circulation. We may also want to do a link to NSCA, how to join, etc. We will also want to use range locator and map.

Conclusion : no definitive action. All members to think and submit ideas.

Action items

Person responsible


Uses for links/ads/link boxes



  1. Agenda topic Ancient Oaks Update | Presenter Van Drake

Discussion : Van spoke to Jay Gentry. It appears that they will keep regular NSCA schedule, but possibly not as many as Wayne Evans had. We will ask who he is planning to use and give him recommendations for someone to help him run the shoot if needed.

Conclusion :

Action items

Person responsible


Van to speak with Jay again to determine whether Harvest Moon will proceed.



5. Agenda topic State Shoot Committee | Presenter Van Drake

Discussion: Don White has agreed to serve on this committee. Please let Van know if anyone else is interested.

Conclusion : need volunteers

Action items

Person responsible


State Shoot Committee

Don White/Van Drake

5/1/2017 12:00 AM

6. Agenda topic NSCA Range Safety Officer (RSO) Program | Presenter Van Drake

Discussion: Van explained that one of the biggest issues with youth programs is lack of qualified instructors. NSCA via Don Currie now has a program which is lower than Level 1 and it is proposed that FSCA supplement (by possibly paying half of) the $300-350 tuition fee of the program. (Level 1 is about $600) The club or attendee would pay other half. Perhaps a number of hours commitment. There are 19 clubs. If each club put two candidates forward, it would cost us approximately $3,000-$4,000 to do so. Van recommends a budget of $4,000-5,000 to do so.

A lengthy discussion of logistics was had regarding all aspects of a possible plan.

Conclusion : Van will confer with Don Currie and start to put together a more formal proposal.

Action items

Person responsible


Van will speak with Don about formalizing proposal; locating club location for school

Van Drake, Don Currie

[Date | time]

7. Agenda topic Roger Kershaw Plaque | Presenter Van Drake

Discussion: All agreed that a plaque or other similar gift should be presented to Roger Kershaw for his years of service. Gregg will reach out to Roger to see how long he served. Rollins will order a plaque.

Conclusion: Rollins will order plaque, get FSCA logo, and solicit verbiage to go on plaque.

Action items

Person responsible


Rollins to order plaque for Roger Kershaw


6/22/2016 12:00 AM

8. Agenda topic FSCA Target Fees | Presenter Van Drake


Van gave background: We are one of two states (Texas) that have a $0.01/target fee. All others have $0.02 or $0.03.

2014: we had 1822 members. 1/3 (684) shot no targets. 531 shot 0-499 targets. (1215 shot 0-500 targets.)

2014: 6 shot 10,000 plus targets each.

FSCA members shot: 2012: 84% of the 1.2 million targets.

2013 85% of 1.4 million.

2014: 81% of 1.5 million.

A lengthy discussion was about the various programs FSCA would like to put in place if there was a small target fee increase. There are a variety of programs which would ultimately benefit FSCA and FSCA shooters, from increasing participation to better amenities and awards at the state shoot, etc.

The Board agreed that we needed to determine which program(s) we wanted to work on and develop a budget prior to raising target fees.

Conclusion : Van, Don, Rollins to work on proposal

Action items

Person responsible


Annual Budget

Gregg Nelson

6/30/2016 12:00 AM

Proposal for use of increase; will have conference call

Van, Don Currie, Rollins

6/8/2016 12:00 AM

9. Agenda topic Trapper Reference Card | Presenter Louise/Gregg

Discussion: is anything happening with trapper reference card? Gregg says nothing is currently being done.

Conclusion: Rollins will pass around a draft.

Action items

Person responsible


Rollins to submit draft of trapper card.


6/22/2016 12:00 AM

Adjourned at 8:08pm

Exhibit A: Treasurer’s Report

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