Forgetful girl

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Forgetful girl

This event is in my mind as yesterday. I'm going to tell a story which is real , funny and not the same other. I believe that it gives us a useful conclusion. Also, we can take advice from it.

There is a girl who is forgetful all things everywhere. She has a bad memory. She always lose or forget her things. Her name is Tina. One day of winter, Tina forget her money in a taxi or at home as usual, but she did not pay attention this trouble. She was happy so much because she took her scholarship as soon as she came to institut. And she was going to buy a new boot for cold days. She went to bazaar. In bazaar, her money was lost or stolen. Tina had to borrow money from her niece who came together. Fortunately, she found a nice boot and bought . After then, they got in the bus. On the bus, all seats were not empty. There were a lot of people and a aunt who unknown asked: ,, can I help you?, I saw your bag is heavy . I can hold it". Tina also was agree. Finally, she and her niece arrived to home. Tina had a good mood. Immediately, she saw a mirror and looked at herself with proud. She thought: ,, I can do everything , for instance, today I have lost my purse but I can bought new boot. I can managed it. In that time, suddenly, she wanted to see her a new boot that was bought with difficulty.


She forget again.... she left her bag with a unknown aunt on the bus. She was really angry.Finally, she recognized without object that forgetful of herself.

My conculision that , on the one hand this story is laughable, but on the other hand, bad memory is really problem for human.

By Gulkhayo Yusupova
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