Flrc board of Trustees Meeting Agenda June 7th, 2014 at 9: 30 a m. 9: 34 A. M

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FLRC Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

June 7th, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.
9:34 A.M. President Doug Hahn called the meeting to order. Board members in attendance were, Vic Dykstra, Kathi Pearce, Ralph Rossknecht, Mike Nanson, Randy Taylor, Dave McLean and Mark Robben. Absent Sherry Ploor
Lake Members Comments and Communication- 2 property/Architectural issues were discussed, unfortunately no one from the Architectural committee was in attendance.

  • 17385 Fishhawk Road – In September of 2010, the member requested to remove a clump of tree’s on the side of hill between Fishhawk Rd. and the home; the Architectural committee denied the request with reason. The Architectural committee at that time requested that member submit drawings for an “Engineered retaining wall” be submitted and then the Architectural committee would reconsider the request to remove the trees. In May 2014 the trees were removed, but there is no record of the drawings for an “ Engineered retaining wall” on file in the FLRC office or with the county, since the trees border and support the Clatsop county road. Architectural committee members from 2010 would like to see the plans for the engineered retaining wall.

  • Member Lidoosh Janian, 71453 Fishhawk Road requested that the FLRC board overturn the Architectural committees decision that she remove her decks and large windows from her storage shed/unit, that were not submitted in her original plan. The board cannot make a decision without the Architectural committees input and agreement. The letter is attached to the minutes.

*Approval of the minutes

Ralph Rossknecht made a motion to approve the May 2014 board meeting minutes; Kathi Pearce seconded the motion. Unanimous approval of the May 2014 minutes.

*Additions to the Agenda by Board members

  • Randy Taylor – Safety – under Board Reports

Employee Reports -

Kevin Adolphson- No written report - Vacation
Amanda Graham- Office Manager-

  • Accounts Receivables May: $6530.48

  • Rebate from WOEC, Wastewater plant incentive: $5958.72

  • 1 lock and key sold

  • Boat & Car Stickers

  • Budgets: Year to date and percentage reports were provided to Budget Committee.

  • Legal & Dues: One Lien was satisfied $274.00

-Dave McLean has prepared “Water Shut off Notices” to send to members with dues outstanding, the notices will be mailed.

*Letters were sent to members via mail and email: Notices regarding lawn mowing and fire pit inspection via the Architectural Committee.

  • Buildings and Grounds: Ongoing administrative support to B&G.

-Set up direct deposit for one Vendor.

-Grade & Fill Permits.

-Dredge Parts and equipment.

-Credit accounts for Platt and HPS have been opened.

-Shipping via UPS and FedEx has been a great success.

  • Office: Thanks to the manpower of Christopher and Travis the office has been re-arranged to accommodate seating for guests.

-Organization and filing is a work in progress.
Board Reports

  • Buildings and Grounds –Mike Nanson - Need Report

  • Communications – Kathi Pearce

Email Blasts

Message Subject Line

Date Sent

Number Sent

% Opened

Casino Night/Kids Night Out Canceled/Firewise




Lake lowering Cancelled/FLRC Improvement Day/Firewise




Casino Night/FLRC Improvement Day/Firewise




Events Calendar for 2014




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Website Visits

April 2014

May 2014

People Visiting









  • Dam Spillway Project – Vic Dykstra

The PSU Engineering group will meet with the Solutions team following the board meeting.

Results from their fish ladder design study will be presented.

The Oregon Solutions team rep Mark Ellis has offered to visit the lake to meet with us.  This is tentatively scheduled sometime the first part of July 2014.
Expenses.  Year to date the Solutions team has spent very little from our budget.  Volunteer hours and the PSU team has allowed us to avoid Engineering and Project Manager expense.  As we move forward with the fish ladder design an Engineer will be needed.
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife met with the Solutions team on May 14th, 2014.
Dam lowering criteria was established

  • Two DEQ contacts were given to assist our progress

  • A pilot project allowing discharge below the dam to aid in fish habitat is being considered.

  • Nehalem Valley Watershed council will pursue upstream water issues in an effort to keep summer water temps at a minimum.  

  • Listed upstream stakeholders to contact for their assistance on these issues.

  • Offered a letter of support if the PSU design meets ODFW specs.

OWEB funding is changing.  Alliance groups are forming rather than individual efforts.  ODFW, NVWC and FLRC formed a Focused Investment Partnership to qualify us to apply for funding.

  • Legal & Special – Dave McLean

Activity in the past month:

10-Day notice of intent to discontinue water service has been mailed this week to 3 property owners. The properties in question are:

71536 Fishhawk Road

71459 Fishhawk Road

10250 Fieldcrest Drive

The Board also discussed, 71259 Northshore Drive, violations in regards to illegal fishing, unrestrained dog, and trespassing on other properties.

Discussion in New Business about the 2014-2015 Annual Budget

  • Vice President – Mike Nanson – Need Report

  • Safety– Randy Taylor

We are still waiting for OSHA to schedule our on site consultation.  The time frame that was mentioned was 30 days and we have exceeded that.  I've called and left a message for their representative to give me a call but have not heard back.  I'll continue to prod them.

At our last meeting Mike had asked me to put together a CPR Class for the employees.  Since that time, my understanding is that Dave McLean has been in contact with the local fire department and they are setting up the class.  Thanks Dave!
OR-OSHA allows for a business such as ours to have either a safety committee or safety meetings.  We're required to have one but not both.  There seems to be a bit more paper work with the safety committee.  A safety committee must meet once a month, keep minutes, and an employee must be a part of that committee.  Safety meetings are to be held once a month as well.  Following is the quote from the OR-OSHA handbook or tool kit.

Old Business

  • New Date for Lake Lowering Maintenance – Doug Hahn

The lake will begin to be lowered on July 7th, 2014 and the maintenance will be performed July 9th-13th, 2014. As soon as the maintenance is completed, the valves will be closed and the lake levels will return to normal for July.

The ‘Membership Voting Procedures’ policy was reviewed and discussed by the board members. Cathy made the motion to approve the Membership Voting Procedures as presented; Dave seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. See attached

  • Review Annual Assessment Payment Policy- Doug Hahn

The Annual Assessment Payment policy was reviewed and discussed by the board members. Ralph made the motion to approve the Annual Assessment Payment policy as presented; Dave seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. See attached

  • 2014 Annual meeting … Saturday August 9th, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. in the FLRC clubhouse.

New Business

  • Review 2014/2015 Budget Proposal- Mark Robben

Board members reviewed and discussed the 2014/2015 proposed budget with Mark. Payroll tax increases; equipment budget, and utilities were discussed. Updated Buildings and Grounds information has not been included because the budget committee has not received it yet. Members discussed the pros and con’s about building the reserves and deferred maintenance. The budget committee will review the budget and make any necessary changes so that the final proposed budget can be presented at the July 12th, 2014 monthly board meeting.

Standing Lake Committee Reports

  • Architectural Committee – Kathy Cardona – No Report

  • Neighborhood Watch Committee – Kathy Cardona – No Report

  • Social Committee – Mary Post – No Report

Good of the Order

Firewise today at 1:00- Meet at Clubhouse

Adjournment: 11:39 a.m.
Minutes recorded by: Sally Doherty
Minutes submitted by:
Fishhawk Lake Recreation Club logofirewisecommusalogosm


Control #_____
Annual Assessment Payment Policy

Annual Assessment Payment Due Dates:

  • To avoid additional fees, payment in full of the annual assessment is due on or before Oct. 30 of the assessment year.

  • Payments being made monthly are due on the 1st of each month.

  • Members with past due amounts will be considered “Members NOT in Good Standing”.

Monthly Payment of Annual Assessment Dues:

  • Payments of the Annual Assessment may be made monthly with 1/12 of the annual assessment plus fees being due on the dates outlined above.

Fees for Monthly Payment

  • The monthly fee for monthly payment using automatic electronic payment will be 5% of the monthly amount due.

  • The monthly fee for monthly payment by all other means will be 10% of the monthly amount due.

Fees for past due amounts

  • Past due payments not received by the 15th of the month from November to September will be assessed an additional fee of 5% of the past due total.

Forfeiture of the monthly payment option

  • Any member with an overdue balance older than 6 months will forfeit the option to pay monthly and payment of the remaining Annual Assessment balance will be due in full. This forfeiture will be in addition to other assessment payment enforcement actions such as liens, utilities disconnection and/or foreclosure and their related fees.

Approved by FLRC Board XX, XXXX, 2014
Fishhawk Lake Recreation Clublogofirewisecommusalogosm


Control #_____

Examples of when these procedures are to be followed:

 Annual Membership Meeting Votes by the Membership

 Special Membership Meeting Votes by the Membership
Voting Procedure Administration

  • Prior to the beginning of a Membership Meeting where voting will occur, the President, Vice President or Secretary will appoint 2-5 volunteer members to oversee the administration of the registration, collection and counting of votes.

  • All members 21 years or older are eligible voting administrators with the following exceptions: Board Members and their immediate family, FLRC Employees.

Meeting Attendance Registration for the purpose of determining “Voting Members Present”

  • Upon arrival at a membership meeting where a membership vote will occur, each eligible voting member (see Bylaw 1.4.5) must check in with a Voting Procedural Administrator to be registered as a member present. Registration is limited to those members eligible to cast a vote for the lot they represent or their Proxy representative.

  • Each proxy representative must also check in for the voting member being represented by proxy. Proxy representatives will present their proxy documentation and receive a ballot for each eligible vote for which they are the documented proxy.

Voting Process:

  • Voting will be conducted using a secret ballot process.

  • Each secret ballot will be supplied by FLRC at the time of voter registration prior to or during a membership voting meeting.

  • Ballots will be collected by the voting procedure administrators during the membership meeting prior to the close of voting. The method of collection should ensure that as many eligible voter ballots as possible are collected.

  • The FLRC President (or Vice President in the Presidents absence) will announce the close of voting for each vote taken. No further ballots for a given vote may be collected following the closing of voting for that vote.

  • Once the vote is closed, the voting procedure administrators will gather nearby to systematically count the results of the vote from the eligible ballots collected. Care must be taken to ensure an accurate accounting of the votes with at least 2 consecutive counts yielding identical results.

  • The voting count for each item on the ballot as well as the total # of ballots cast and the total # of voting members present will be provided to the President, Vice President and or Sectretary for announcement of the vote results.

  • The ballots will then be sealed in an envelope and provided to the FLRC Secretary for storage in an FLRC owned and controlled location for 3 years.

  • In the event that additional votes are called during a membership meeting, the voting procedure administrators will be responsible for producing a ballot for each vote and supplying to the registered eligible voters and counting the votes per this process policy.

Absentee Voting:

  • Unless this policy is changed by a vote of the FLRC Board of Directors, general mail-in absentee ballots may not be used for membership votes. Voting by Proxy will continue to be an authorized form of voting by members who cannot be present in person at a membership meeting where a membership vote occurs.

  • The elimination of absentee voting will ensure that membership can be as informed as possible for each membership vote and will allow for additional votes in the event of a tie or lack of majority of voting members present without the disenfranchisement of non-proxy absentee voters.

Approved by FLRC Board XX, XXXX, 2014

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