Flint Hill Farm Birthday Party Price List

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Flint Hill Farm Birthday Party Price List

Birthday party at farm for 1 ½ hrs for up to 10 children (including birthday child) $200.00

(includes use of Blacksmith Shop, farm tour, ½ hr. pony rides)

Addt’l child $12.00

Addt’l time (per half hr) $25.00
Large cheese pizza $14.00
Cowboy hats $3.00
Horseshoe painting (per child) $1.00

Hayride for 15 adults/children horsedrawn $125.00

Tractor $25.00
Kids Western goody bag (includes cowboy hat, bandana, farm stickers, candy) $6.00
$100.00 non-refundable deposit required to reserve date. Parties are held rain or shine. You can visit our facility by calling us to schedule an appointment at 610-838-2928 or e-mail us at info@flinthill-farm.org. All people involved with the event need to stay by the party site. It is unsafe to go into the barns without FHF staff.
Flint Hill Farm Educational Center, Inc. wants every family to have THE BEST special day for their family. Please keep in mind that Flint Hill Farm is a working farm along with and Educational Center. We open our gates and invite you to have your party here to enjoy the animals and farm life. Please come prepared with your own games or activities for your group. We do not have a specific recreational person designated to direct your party time. We do have a staff member to set up the site, conduct the tour and lead the pony rides. Paints and horseshoes supplies are provided for your children to paint if you order in advance. An example of the party would be as follows:

  1. Parents of Birthday child arrives and decorates for the party about ½ hr prior to event

  2. Guests arrive and park by the outside riding arena

  3. If pizza is to be served, the delivery time for the pizza has been clearly communicated to the FHF staff prior to the appointed day by email or phone so that the pizza is delivered hot and on time

  4. Cake, food etc, games and gifts as arranged by family

  5. Tour (length to be discussed between parents and FHF staff prior to starting the tour)

  6. Pony ride (length to be discussed prior to beginning the ride)

  7. Exit from the farm within the designated 1 ½ hr time allotment. Garbage bags provided for clean up.

  8. If extended time desired, that length needs to be communicated prior to the start of the event. If the party continues after the adult in charge of the party is notified of pending overtime by the FHF staff the party will be charged at the rate of $25.00 per ½ hr as listed in the party options.

Download 26 Kb.

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