Fishhawk Lake Reserve & Community 9997 Beach Drive birkenfeld, oregon 97016 phone 503-755-2132 – fax 503-755-2545

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9997 Beach Drive


PHONE 503-755-2132 – FAX 503-755-2545 -

ORGANIZATION – Fishhawk Lake Reserve & Community (FLRC) was created in 1967 as a non-profit corporation. It is governed by a Board of Trustees elected by the property owners at an annual meeting. Board of Trustee members serve three year terms in compliance with the Articles of Incorporation.
The Trustees elect a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer who serve a three year term. Meeting of the Board of Trustees are held the second Saturday at 9:30 am every month in the FLRC clubhouse. The meetings are open to members and guests.
An Architectural Committee consisting of five members is appointed by the Board of Trustees. Members elect their chairperson and serve one year terms. The function of the Architectural Committee is to ensure compliance with the Restrictions and Architectural Guidelines by FLRC members. Improvements/changes to a homeowners’ home must be submitted to the committee for approval.
LOCATION – Fishhawk Lake is located approximately four miles north of Highway 202, one mile east of Birkenfeld and four miles west of Mist. Most of Fishhawk Lake Recreation Club is located in Clatsop County, but a significant portion is located in Columbia County.
SIZE – FLRC consists of 305 platted lots on approximately 300 acres of land. Included in the FLRC locale are permanent residences, vacation homes and cabins and both lakefront and secondary lots. The average lot size is approximately 10,000 square feet.
Fishhawk Lake is approximately 104 acres in size and about 825 feet above sea level. The primary feeder stream is Fishhawk Creek entering at the east end of the lake, and exiting at the west end of the lake. An earthen dam, 395 feet long and 35 feet high, is located at the west end of the lake, along with a “Glory Hole” and a fish ladder. The Glory Hole is 20 feet deep and 42 feet in diameter, and is designed to assist in maintaining the desired lake water level. The fish ladder provides for steelhead and salmon access to the lake.
UTILITIES – Electricity is supplied by West Oregon Electric Cooperative. Telephone service and Wi-Fi is provided by Century Link.

Trash collection is provided by Waste Management of Oregon, Inc. each Friday.

Fishhawk Lake operates its own sewage and water treatment facilities. The cost of both services is included in the membership fee, as is maintenance of roads, and FLRC buildings and grounds.
SCHOOLS – Those children residing in Columbia County attend schools in the Vernonia School District, and those children residing in Clatsop County attend school in the Jewell School District. Bus service is provided by the school districts.
RESTAURANT/ENTERTAINMENT – Birkenfeld, approximately 5 miles from Fishhawk Lake, has a restaurant/bar that promotes a huge array of musical talent on the weekends.
SHOPPING – Clatskanie and Vernonia are approximately 19 miles from Fishhawk Lake, and both have a complete array of services.
EMERGENCY SERVICES – The main Mist/Birkenfeld fire station is located approximately 6 miles from FLRC on Hwy 202. A sub-station is located on the west end of the lake. A helipad is located adjacent to the sub-station. Fire hydrants are located throughout the FLRC area.
RECREATION – FLRC is located in a scenic recreational paradise. The lake contains native cutthroat trout and is open to fishing starting the 23rd of May until October 31. Both salmon and steelhead make Fishhawk Lake a passageway on their annual spawning runs. Limit 2 fish per day, only 2 daily limits in possession. Angling is restricted to artificial flies and lures 23rd of May to August 31.Closed to salmon and steelhead all year. Electric motors only are allowed on the lake.
Ocean fishing in Astoria and Warrenton is about an hour’s drive from FLRC, as well as the Beaches at Seaside and Cannon Beach. The Columbia River is within one mile of the public boat launch in Clatskanie. The ferry at Westport, crossing the Columbia River to Cathlamet, leaves the dock at 15 min. after the hour.
CLUBHOUSE - FLRC has its own recreational facilities including a clubhouse, lending library, bathroom. Fire pit, two horseshoe pits, volley ball, basketball, a tennis court, two docks, a boat launch ramp, a clubhouse for indoor activities, a picnic area, swing set and a small beach and swimming area. These facilities are for the use of members and invited guests only.
Dogs must be on a leash at all times when on the island or any FHL community property, including roads around the lake.
BUILDNGS AND GROUNDS - The lake has two full time employees who manage the lake (Kevin Adolphson and Jim Dalquist. Their duties include running the water and sewer plants, plowing and caring for our roads, managing the lake levels, managing the community burn pile, mowing and caring for all lake community property.
The FLRC office, staffed by Amanda Graham is located next to the clubhouse, and open Tuesday and Thursdays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

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