February 17, 2017 Dear Parents/ Guardians of Grade 8 Students

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February 17, 2017
Dear Parents/ Guardians of Grade 8 Students,
This is an exciting time of year for our grade eights as they begin to make choices about grade nine. Students will be selecting their secondary school courses online using MyWay, https://myway.wrdsb.ca.
Please find attached a timeline of the course selection process and step by step instructions for using the MyWay site. All students complete their online course selection anytime between Friday, February 17th and Thursday, February 23rd.
School Specific Course Selection Information

All students are to log into MyWay using their regular username and password. Students are encouraged to look at the specific course descriptions and graduation requirements to select their courses. These can be found on each secondary school’s website. Physical and Health Education is strongly encouraged as an elective.

Secondary School

Course Selection Information

Huron Heights

- select five compulsory courses (English, Math, Science, Geography, and French) at either the Academic or Applied level of study. To select the level of study, consider the grade eight teacher’s recommendations for each subject (found beside each subject online), the recent report card and what is the best fit for the student’s learning style. Students are able to vary their levels of study (e.g., Academic English and Applied Math)

*Huron Heights also offers a combined Enriched Math and Science Course. This is not selected online (students would select academic). If interested, students pick up an application from Ms. Lussier.

**French Immersion students may select Enriched French instead of Academic French.

-select three elective courses

Cameron Heights


-select five compulsory courses at the pre-IB level. (e.g., ENG1DW)

-select three elective credits



-select five compulsory courses at either the Academic or Applied level of study

-select remaining three courses after checking the requirements of specific Arts Programme


(ESL-English as a Second Language)

-students see Ms. Lussier in the Guidance Office for assistance with course selection

Jacob Hespeler

(Fast Forward)

- select seven compulsory courses (Essential English, Math and Science, Applied Geography, Comprehensive Arts, Information Technology and Physical Education

-select one of the Integrated Technology Courses


(French Immersion)

-select Academic-French Immersion (FIF1DI)

-select Geography Academic- French Immersion (CGC1DF)

-select three courses (English, Math, Science) at the Academic or Applied level

-select two elective courses delivered in French – Visual Arts, Intro. Business or Exploring Family Studies

-select one elective course delivered in English

Forest Heights

(Extended French)

-select Academic-French Immersion (FIF1DI)

-select Geography Academic- French Immersion (CGC1DF)

-select three courses (English, Math, Science) at the Academic or Applied level

-select three elective courses

Other WRDSB school

(moving within WRDSB)

-same course selection steps as Huron Heights. Please make sure Ms. Lussier knows which school students will be attending if they are moving within the board.

Another School Board

(e.g., St. Mary’s, Rockway)

-select “I will be moving to another School Board in September” then logout. Please make sure Ms. Lussier knows which school they will be attending.

-parents/ guardians register student and course selection is completed through the secondary school

After completing their online course selections, students need to print a copy of the courses they requested. This “Course Request” sheet needs to be signed by a parent/ guardian and returned to the Core teacher by Friday, February 24th. Students attending Huron Heights are also to complete and return the “Course Selection Worksheet” by February 24th.
If students have any questions or experience any issues selecting their courses online, they may come to the Guidance Office at Nutrition Breaks to select their courses and/ or print their Course Request sheets
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns at 519-748-1341 or kim_lussier@wrdsb.on.ca.
Kim Lussier

Guidance Contact


Friday, February 17 at 4:00pm-

Thursday, February 23 at midnight

Students complete their grade nine course selection online using MyWay, https://myway.wrdsb.ca
Students print a Course Request sheet and have it signed by a parent/ guardian.

Tuesday, February 21-

Thursday, February 23

Guidance Office is open at both Nutrition Breaks for support with course selection and/ or printing of verification forms.

Friday, February, 24

For all students attending WRDSB schools, signed Course Request sheets are due to Core teachers.

For students attending Huron Heights, the Huron Heights Course Selection Worksheet is also due to Core teachers.

Friday, February 24 and beyond

See Ms. Lussier if you need to make any changes to course selections.

Friday, March 3

Math/ Science Enrichment Application forms for interested students are due. Students complete only the front page before handing in the application. Ms. Lussier will follow up with Math/ Science teachers to complete the back before delivering them to Huron Heights.

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