Feature of different stages of independent education

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feature of different stages of independent education.

It is funny that I used to always compare my lyceum experience to those of studying in US. All the time. But it took me some time to realize that it is not a logical/fair comparison between two countries in general, given that Uzbekistan basically started actively developing a few years ago. Anyways, here we go:

  1. Education system - after post Soviet union Uzbekistan followed same 11-year education system which was mandatory for everyone, after that you could either go to university or work. But 6–7 years ago (I am not sure about the exact years, sorry) the government decided to switch to 12-year school system, which started looking like this:

1. Primary school (Grades 1–4)

2. Middle school (Grades 4–9) After 9th grade, you would graduate school, get attestat, like a diploma proving that you finished Grade 9. With this attestat you had to apply to

3. Lyceum/college (Grades 9–12). There was a little difference between lyceum and college. Both were 3 years, but at lyceum they gave you more theoretical knowledge/classes to prepare you to enter university and college was usually more profession/skill based. You wouldn’t have a degree, but you could work as an accountant assistant or low-skilled worker, depending what kind of college you chose. Also, entrance to good/fancier colleges and lyceums was on basis of subject exams (math, russian/english, history or other subject).

I am saying was everywhere, because this year or last fall, the government decided to bring back old education system. So kids where were born in 2003 or around that age now will study 11-years. I have heard that some colleges would be staying, but I do not know for sure. Most of lyceums were closed down or given away to schools. Now, even though most people are happy with this, I think it was rushed as since everything was changed, Ministry of Education was not prepared to have materials/books ready for 10th nad 11th grades.

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