Fashion Trends

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Fashion Trends

Roaring 1920’s

1930’s Fashion in the Depression

  • Women in the workforce:
    • Business Suits
    • Tight Skirts with side slit
    • Tight jackets with shoulder pads
    • The majority of people were left poor and didn’t have the money to spend on leisurely things like clothes and shoes

1940’s Fashion During WWII

  • Women:
    • Conservative (extra material needed for men at war), no cuffs, collars, buttons or extravagances
  • Men:
    • four piece deal suit; vest, jacket, two pair of pants
    • suits with wide lapels, sports jacket with double-breasted look
    • Mixing and matching

1950’s Fashion of Teenage Rebellion

  • Girls:
    • Fluffed out petticoats under skirts, ratted/flipped hair, white Keds/tennis shoes, pedal pushers
  • Boys:
    • Tight Levi’s, Chinos, white/black tight shirts, loafers, Converse shoes, leather jackets, “Rebel Without a Cause” look

1960’s Fashion During Vietnam

  • “Hippies”
  • Tight Levi’s, bell bottoms, wide flare from the knee with patches, drawings, fabrics
  • Men:
    • Leather vests with bare chests
  • Women:
    • loose-fitting cotton blouses flowery loose dresses

1970’s Fashion Disco Era


  • Polo shirts
  • Designer Jeans
  • “Flashdance”, Leg warmers, ripped sweatshirts
  • Parachute pants
  • Acid-wash jeans
  • Big Shoulder pads
  • Punk


  • Grunge
  • Power bead bracelets
  • Pashmina
  • Ghetto fabulous
  • Long, straight hair with middle part

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