Exercise A. Fill in the gaps

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Exercise A. Fill in the gaps
1. I wouldn't go there if l were you.

2. It's high time you mended your boat.

3. She behaved as though she had beenthe Prime Minister of “World”.

4. He talks to us as if we were stupid.

5. If only I found the answer now.

7. If we arrived on time we would see Tom Cruise.

8. I'd rather not loveyou that terrible boy!

9. I didn't understand a word. If only he had spokenmore clearly!

10. Playing in the snow is fun. I wish it snowed here more often.
Exercise B. Put the verb into the correct form.

1 If I knew (know) his number, I would phone him.

3 I helped you if I could, but I'm afraid I can't.

4 We would need a car if we called in the country.

5 If we had the choice, we,would have lived in the country.

6 This soup isn't very good. It wiuld better if it wasn't so salty.

7 I wouldn't mind living in England if the weather was better.

8 If I were you, I would not wait I went now.

9 You're always tired. If you didn't go to bed so late every night, you wouldn't be tired all the time.

10 I think there are too many cars. If there were not so many cars, there…wouldnt be so much pollution.

Home task handout
Wish Exercise
I wish things were different! Make sentences using ‘wish’ + past simple about the things I don’t like. You can put in ‘that’ if you want, or leave it out.

For example: ‘I’m cold’ becomes ‘I wish (that) I wasn’t cold’.

1. I don’t have a car. I wish l hada car

2. I can’t play the piano. I wish l played the piano

3. I’m at work. I wish l wasn't at work

4. It’s winter. I wish it weren'twinter

5. I’m ill. I wish l wasn't ill

6. I don’t have new shoes. I wish l had a new shoes


7. I can’t afford to go on holiday. I wish l went on holiday


8. I don’t have time to read lots of books. I wish l had time to read lots of books


9. I can’t drive. I wish l could drive


10. My laptop is broken. I wish my laptop wasn't broken
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