Essay: My future profession in the most prestigious

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Essay: My future profession in the most prestigious

Manager is a person who must manage, coordinate and control some of the processes in the enterprise. In other words, this is a manager or leader who is responsible for the effective work of a certain area of ​​activity. Nowadays the profession of a manager is very interesting, in demand and people with the appropriate education always have a job. This is probably why I chose this type of activity for myself .

I entered the cathedra of Management because I believe that I have all the qualities necessary for successful work in this specialty, namely:

1) the ability to make decisions, the responsibility for which must be borne alone;

2) efficiency and self-confidence;

3) sociability and the ability to be positive in relation to the interlocutor;

4) the desire to participate in the work of the team, which can improve the performance of the firm or enterprise.

Also having studied and having received the relevant knowledge, you can open your own business, improve your financial situation, in the end, get a promotion on the career ladder, having received the appropriate education, many doors will open in front of mevariety of activities that I can do.

The manager's strategy determines how many years the company will keep afloat. Production efficiency and profit indicators speak about the work of the manager and his team better than any words. ..if no one coordinated the activities of all links in the enterprise, then the working day would turn into chaos, lack of incentive to work and improper functioning of elements of one structure. the consequences of negligence are very difficult to eliminate later, and even more difficult to regain the lost name and reputation .

This profession is very interesting for its creative side. If you follow the classic management strategies, you immerse yourself in the corporate culture, share the team spirit, do everything to make your company the best. But there are also pitfalls. ..managers of even the most successful companies cannot influence the economic situation in the country, no one is immune from collapse. ..After the dismissal or bankruptcy of the company, it is difficult for a senior manager to find a job in the sense that he himself already has such a high bar that he does not want to be lowered.

The manager must have a goal and strive to achieve it. Must be able to keep the team cohesive. In a word, he must be a comprehensively developed, competent specialist. I will try very hard to become such a specialist. I am very attracted to the profession of a manager, as it is very promising.

At the moment I am convinced of this. Already now, in my study, I use the skills acquired in the process of teaching management. ..I really like that in this profession you need to think, reflect, make decisions, organize, plan. And the most interesting thing for me is that the profession of a manager involves working with people. I will definitely link my future activities with this profession. Now I’m studying necessary subjects to become professional skilled manager in the future. And I know that I can be good manager because leadership is my calling !!!
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