Eric Adamson Rotary Club of Front Royal Rotary International Director (2008-2009)

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Eric Adamson

Rotary Club of Front Royal

Rotary International Director (2008-2009)

Eric Adamson has been a member of the Front Royal, Virginia Rotary Club since 1974. The son of a diplomat, he is fluent in several languages, as he spent his youth living in various countries around the world, such as Egypt, Turkey, France, and South America. He went to high school in South America and was voted most valuable player on the school basketball team that won the Colombian National Championships. He was graduated from the University of Virginia in 1969 with a B.A., where he captained the university’s gymnastics team. In 1973, he earned a law degree at University of Virginia, putting himself through school as Virginia’s youngest real estate broker and coach of the Gymnastics Team. He earned a post-doctoral degree in tax law at George Washington University.
A retired attorney, Adamson is a member of the Virginia Bar and has also been president of the Warren Bar Association, member of the Tax Committee of the American Bar Association, adjunct professor of Business Law in the Graduate School of Shenandoah University Graduate Business School, and the Town attorney for Front Royal. He retired as managing partner of Adamson, Crump and Sharp, Attorneys at Law, in1996, having been named to Who’s Who in Virginia Lawyers. Eric continues his business interests as owner of Dominion Health Club, a tennis, swimming, and health club, and is a managing partner for Adamson Land Trust, family real-estate development firm and rental partnerships. He is also a partner in several real-estate development and rental partnerships. Recently, he won the Virginia State Men’s Indoor 50s Tennis Doubles Championship and is a member of the Wimbledon Royal and Ancient Golf Society (only one of two non-British members).

Adamson served as president of the Front Royal Rotary Club in 1980, has been the Assistant Governor, has attended and been a member and chair of the Youth Leadership seminars in Blacksburg since 1980, and led a GSE team to Argentina. He was Governor in 1995-6. At the Zone level, he has been a Foundation Advisor for the Annual Fund, National Advisor for the Permanent Fund, Zone Task Force Chair, and founder and chair of the Zone 33 Rotary Leadership Institute. At RI, he has been a Training Leader at the International Assembly, member, Vice-Chair and Chair for RI Committees, COL member at Large, and is Director of RI, for 2008-10.

For the community, he has been a board member of the Warren Memorial Hospital, a trustee of Belle Grove, national Trust Property, and is currently Trustee and Corporate Secretary for the Northern Virginia 4-H Center, a Trustee of Calvary Episcopal Church, and a board and executive-committee member of the Warren Educational Endowment. He was named Man of the Year by the Jaycees in 1979.
Eric and his wife, Linda Eastham Adamson, have four grown children, one living in Spain, and one in Turkey, and eight grandchildren, four boys and four girls. They enjoy visiting Rotary District Conferences and the children and grandchildren…

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