Epilepsy and epileptic syndrome

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Laboratory tests. Laboratory tests are mainly used to determine the cause of epilepsy and hematological disorders that occur during treatment with anticonvulsants. Measuring the amount of electrolytes (Na, K, Cl, Ca; Mg) in the blood can be very important in determining the cause of epileptic attacks. Laboratory tests are also performed to determine inflammatory reactions, hormone levels, and sometimes the concentration of anticonvulsants in the blood. General blood tests (especially hemoglobin levels) and biochemical tests (ALT, ACT) are performed to determine the side effects of anticonvulsants. Liver enzymes should be monitored regularly, especially during treatment.

CT and MRI scans. Modern tests are widely used to determine the cause of epileptic seizures. Idiopathic and cryptogenic epilepsy do not cause pathological changes in the brain.[2, 404] In symptomatic epilepsy, CT, MRI, and MRI scans almost always detect pathological changes in the brain and its blood vessels. Of course, epileptic seizures that develop as a result of metabolic disorders are an exception. A PET test is required here.

Treatment. Treating a patient with epilepsy is a complex process that requires the following guidelines. The general practitioner is also required to be aware of these rules.

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