Environmental Policy

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Environmental Policy

SOME S.A. was founded in 1973 by partners Joan Solà and Ramon Mena, who transformed what started out as a workshop into an industrial production plant The company has undergone numerous changes and expansions on the road to what it is today: a benchmark in the stamping and forming of metal sets for parts with high technical requirements, working principally for the automotive sector, amongst others.

Ever since its beginnings, SOME S.A. has been located in an area of high natural value in the sub-county of Bisaura, in the town of Sant Quirze de Besora, very close to the River Ter. This has meant that we have the highest regard for our environment and consequently our facilities, actions and processes have always been governed by the criteria of respect and protection of our natural surroundings.
Based on this awareness and our determination to try to reduce our impact on the natural environment to the utmost, we believed we needed to go much further than simple compliance with current legislation and that this would have to be done in a measurable way. Consequently we have implemented an environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 standard. We have maintained a management system in line with the latest requirements, which is essential to keep it updated and to integrate it in the organization’s business processes.
We have included this environmental management system as a strategic element to ensure that it has a cross-cutting impact on the entire organization, adopting the basic principles of environmental protection based on energy savings and the best use of natural resources, the prevention of any form of pollution, respect for the environment and continuous improvement in all these aspects.
Our commitment can be summed up in the following permanent objectives:

  • Current legislation is our starting point for environmental matters, setting ourselves the goal of strict compliance with these and other more ambitious voluntary standards.

  • Cross-cutting integration in our management model of the need to effectively manage resources and respect our environment.

  • Defining our products and processes in such a way that we comply with the established environmental objectives without diminishing the quality of our products and services.

  • Training our staff properly and equipping them with the resources to ensure that they can actively and efficiently participate in systems management, as they are the key to ensuring these systems work properly.

  • Integrating our environmental policy at every level of the company as a fundamental part of our corporate culture.

  • Informing our staff and other key stakeholders about the values of this policy to encourage them to play an active role.

  • To continue improving on a daily basis to ensure that our processes are more efficient and sustainable and to improve our environmental performance by establishing the appropriate targets and indicators.

Sant Quirze de Besora, January 2017.

Yago Torrent

General Manager, SOME Group
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