Entry 2 What kind of learning I am

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Name: Abdukarimova Iroda

Instructor: Alimova D.


What kind of learning I am

I’ve been learning English for three years. I’ve learned only English grammar with my teacher. I’ve entered University this year. At the moment I’m learning English deeply. I think there’s three ways of learning English. The first is individual, The second is with group and The third is with teacher. Therefore I choose learning with group. I think it’s useful because we share ideas so each of I have more ideas in the group and also I gain extra perspectives and point of view, which otherwise I might not have considered. In additional I gain other’s assistance in remaining focused on the main. I can learn from the lesson that recognition that people learn in different ways some people learn much better through group work and discussion. Also recognition that if they are to succeed,students often need more support than they received in the past groups are one way of achieving this.

I’ve opportunity to become aware of some of the advantages of working with others and also I develop my communication skills. I develop confidence in participating in discussion groups and seminars.I understand what can make a group work. I develop strategies for making a confident oral presentation and learn to assess my own performance in groups, seminars and presentation.
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