Entertainment amc loews All Locations; Thursdays only; $7 tickets for ages 13+ Art Institute

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AMC Loews

All Locations; Thursdays only; $7 tickets for ages 13+

Art Institute

Chicago; $12 admission/$50 Annual membership

Blue Man Group

Chicago; $35/ticket (must be purchased 2 hours before show)

Broadway in Chicago

Contact for details

Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago; Text “Student” to BHAWKS (242957) for discount

Chicagoland Speedway

Joliet; Call for details

Cinemark Theaters

Contact theater; discounts vary by location

Comedy Shrine

Aurora; $12 tickets Fridays; $15 tickets Saturdays

Echo Lanes

Morris; $1 off/game

Field Museum

Chicago; $12 admission

Game Pazzo

Downers Grove; $5 an hour

Hollywood Boulevard

Woodridge; $3 tickets/$6 for 3D on Wednesdays

Hollywood Palms

Naperville; $3 tickets/$6 for 3D on Wednesdays

Mayne Stage Theatre

Chicago; 20% off

Second City

Chicago; 25% off tickets

Shedd Aquarium

Chicago; $3.00 off; except discount days

Strike ‘N’ Spare

Lockport; Buy 1 game, get one free

Wall Street Journal

75% off subscription


Lombard; Call for details

Aleph Restaurant Mexican Cuisine

819 E Jefferson St.; 20% off food


Joliet; $4.99 cheeseburger

Aurelio’s Pizza

Joliet; 15% off

Babe’s Hot Dogs

Joliet; Free small fry w/ purchase of sandwich & soft drink

Cemeno’s Pizza

Joliet; Call for details

China Kitchen

Joliet; 2 free egg rolls w/ $20.00 or more purchase

Ciao Ristorante

Palos Hills; 15% off


Varies by location

Dunkin Donuts

Joliet locations; 10% off

El Burrito Loco

Joliet; Buy 1 dinner get 2nd 50% off

Flat Top Grill

Naperville; Call for details


Aurora, Joliet; 15% off the total bill

Heroes West Sports Grill

Joliet; 10% off purchase of food

Home Cut Donuts

Joliet; 10% off

Jody’s Hot Dogs

Joliet; 15% off

La Mex

Joliet; 10% off

Linda’s Pizza

Joliet; Call for details



Joliet; $2.00 off x-large pizza


Joliet; Free dollar menu item

w/ purchase of value meal
Nancy’s Pizza

Palos Hills; $10.00 large pizza

Nuvibe Juice & Java

Lockport; $1.00 off

Papa Russo’s

Hickory Hills; Call for details

Paradise Smoothie & Coffee

New Lenox; 10% off

Peppo’s Great Subs

Palos Hills; 10% off

Pizza Hut

Shorewood; 10% off


Chicago; 10% off


Orland Park; Free drink w/ purchase

Silver Spoon

Joliet; 20% off


Crest Hill; 15% off

Sonny’s Delite

Joliet; 10% off

Taco Bell

Joliet; Free hard shell taco w/ purchase

TGI Friday’s

Joliet; Call for details

Tilted Kilt

Elgin; 10% off on Thursdays


Joliet; 10% off

Twisted Pig

Joliet; 10% off

Valley Inn Restaurant

Palos Hills; 10% off

Zante Food Lounge & Eatery

Palos Hills; Call for details

Best Western

Joliet; 10% off

Duke’s Catering

Joliet; 10% off

Fairfield Inn Joliet

Joliet; 10% off

Red Roof Inn

Joliet; 15% off

Super 8

Joliet; 15% off


Joliet; 15% off

Personal Care
24 Hour Fitness

Check with location

Becca’s Nails

Plainfield; 15% off


Joliet; Call for details

Essington Dental

Joliet; Exam, X-rays and cleaning for $59

Hometown Fitness

Plainfield; $15 off sign-up fee, $15/month

J&M Hair Salon

Joliet; $2 off haircut, $5 off color, $10 off highlights

Joliet Park District/Inwood Athletic Club

Discounted membership rates; call for details

Pazzo Salon & Spa

Palos Hills; 10% off

Rock Run Dental

Joliet; Exam, X-rays and cleaning for $59


Joliet; $2 off haircut


Joliet; $10 off adult membership fee

Academic Superstore

Up to 85% off Software

Adobe Creative Cloud


Ann Taylor/Ann Taylor LOFT

All locations; 15% off


Discounts by phone and website

Banana Republic

All locations; 15% off

Club Monaco

All locations; 20%

Charlotte Russe

All locations; 10% off


Discounts by phone and website

GM College Discount

Ask at dealer

HP Academy

Discounts by phone and website

J. Crew

All locations; 15% off

Joliet Textbooks

Joliet; $1.00 off


5% off select locations


All locations; 15%

MS Office

Discount by Phone & web


All locations; 15% in store & online with .edu email

The Limited

All locations; 15% off

Sam’s Club

Joliet; $15 gift card w/ membership

Urban Outfitters

All locations; call for details


Joliet; $3 off oil change


Up to 20% off full time students to the age of 25


Students; receive 10% off monthly bill

Code: 2941662

Employees; receive 18% off monthly bill

Code: 2419231
Chignoli Auto

Joliet; $100 discount on car purchase

Coupon Heaven


Crest Rent-A-Car

Plainfield; 10% discount van rentals

Dr. James T. Day Optometry

Lemont; 20% off


Up to 15% off full time students to the age of 25 with B average

Global Auto Transportation

10% off
Insured Plus

Joliet; Monthly payments as low as $22
Jiffy Lube

Joliet; $5 discount

Midas Total Car Care

Joliet; Lube, oil and filter for $19.99

NuMark Credit Union

Joliet; Receive $50 when opening checking account

Pomps Tire

Joliet; 10% off

Rendel’s Auto Care

Joliet; Call for details

Shorewood Lube & Service

Shorewood; $2 off oil change


Joliet; Call for details

Verizon Wireless

Joliet; 22% off accessories


www.versitas.com/computer-training/university-discount.php; Students, staff & faculty receive 35% off on 1 to 1 online Microsoft Office software training sessions.

Wolf’s Fine Line Tattoo

Joliet; 10% off tattoo


Save 15% on lowest available fare

Enterprise Car Rental

All Locations; 10% off


20% off tickets; 40% off shipping


See website


See website


itravelosophy.techtrav.com; See website


See website
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