Ellie English 11 Writing Way, Englishtown, nj 08000

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Ellie English

11 Writing Way, Englishtown, NJ 08000

Phone: 732-555-5555 Email: e.english@gmail.com



To obtain a rewarding summer internship in the field of journalism, utilizing strong creativity as well as reading comprehension, writing, and administrative skills.



Some Community College (SCC), Lanescraft, New Jersey

Associate of Arts in Humanities, Journalism Option, May 2010

GPA: 3.46 / 4.0


Writing Course Projects

● Developed a persuasive public service print ad and six-sided brochure on drunk driving, Fall 2008

● Wrote a 20 page research paper on the theory of meta-fiction, Spring 2009

● Compared MLA and APA style writing in a 15 page research paper, Fall 2008


Published Work

The Community Collegiate – Published articles with information gained from interviews

The Halls (SCC’s Newspaper) -Wrote 30 articles for Editorial, News, and Features section

VisitShore.com-Wrote travel piece highlighting the historical value of the Steel Pier


Publishing, Media, and Editorial Experience

Peer Editor, Students Writing and Talking (S.W.A.T.), Lanescraft, NJ, September 2009-Present

● Review students’ papers, examining content as well as grammar

● Facilitate group discussion of 15-20 students to share writing methodologies

● Provide general suggestions for improving writing style and research techniques


Children’s Editorial Intern, Simon & Schuster, Inc., New York, NY, Summer 2009

● Read and assessed manuscripts for early-grade and young adult imprints, drafted rejection letters, and updated submission grids

● Researched books and pop culture trends, and prepared tip sheets


Work Experience

Student Worker, Library, Lanescraft, NJ, Fall 2008-Present

● Assist library patrons with general questions regarding hours and location of materials

● Collect all library materials and re-shelve in appropriate place by call number

● Purge periodicals and transport materials to different section of the library


Business/Classifieds Manager, The Halls (BCC Newspaper), Lanescraft, NJ, Fall 2009-Present

● Managed the reception, organization, and billing of all classified advertisements

● Sold advertisements to local businesses and ad agencies

● Managed debt and delinquent payments from businesses and agencies


Office Clerk, Englishtown Board of Education, Englishtown, NJ, Summers 2006-2008

● Assembled mass mailings, organized large photocopying tasks, and answered phone calls

● Utilized organizational skills to assign lockers to 800 students and create staff schedules in Excel



Foreign Language: Basic skills in spoken and written Italian

Computer: Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Suite

Writing: Experience with MLA and APA styles, experience with blogging and internet research

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