Education william Paterson University, Wayne N. J major ba: History Minor: Environmental Science Executive Environmental Health and Safety Director Accomplished Safety Director

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Anthony Jones
393 Lanza Ave` Garfield NJ 07026` 862-888-6334`

William Paterson University, Wayne N.J

Major BA: History

Minor: Environmental Science

Executive Environmental Health and Safety Director
Accomplished Safety Director with three years of experience as Environmental, Health & Safety specialist for a Public Service Electric and Gas Company Maintain highest quality standard to avoid time and cost expenditure.

Quality & Safety Director with ability to analyze operation, pinpoint areas for improvement and redesigns.

Excellent Relationship Builder with success of forming strong, sustainable relationship and securing consensus among cross-functional team members for key initiatives. Effective communicator and leader.

Employee Safety Measures

•Developing and leading a formal sustainability program, improving safety culture.

•Creating successful internal partnerships to integrate safety values and practices across the corporation.

•Communicating enterprise risks associated with environmental, health, or safety failures

•Establishing global corporate Construction and EHS standards practices
•Publicly reporting progress on a full spectrum of construction and sustainability initiatives.

• Created a new open system of commutation with project managers and personnel.


P.S.E.G Newark, N.J. 10/10/2010-10/15/2014

Improved safety practices by giving employees an understanding of plant, substation safety consideration, risks, wrong condition and the procedures for safe use of personal and safety equipment. Provides appropriate health and safety, accident prevention and investigations, hand and power tools, electrical awareness, spill prevention, over hand cranes, PPE, training for manager and supervisor. Assists Sr. level management in the annual inspection of work places to assure safe and healthful conditions for workers.

Public Service Electric and Gas Company assisted in promotional material and develops and administers recognition, system to promote safe and healthful work performance. Supported the Safety Management Information System (SMIS) by recording all accident reports in a timely, complete, and accurate manner and assure that claims for injuries and illnesses posted in SMIS are posted.

Planning and organizing work to meet changing priorities and deadlines, responding to inquiries and in effective oral and written communication, preparing and analyzing complex data and numerical computations and comprehensive reports.

Certified in OSHA Outreach Trainer for Construction (OSHA 510, OSHA 500), extensive knowledge of the OSHA 1926 standard, experience with OSHA Management.

Site Safety Manager
BedBath&Beyond, Union NJ. 06/02/2008-10/29/2010

Analyze safety metrics and review incident weekly and monthly incident trends to discover trends to justify the allocation of appropriate resources to areas where the safety risk is highest. Overseeing concrete operation for major building, working on building over 15 stories in height, alteration of demolition on building.

Ensure site leadership and Associates are trained and knowledgeable of their responsibilities under each policy. Audit the quality, delivery (including qualifications of the trainer), and effectiveness of all required safety training.
Ensure that each Subcontractor designates a Safety Representative that is properly trained in the OSHA standards and that person is considered by OSHA standards, competent for the Subcontractors scope of work and has the proper authority to correct safety issues and hazards relating to their safety compliance. Receive the names of their competent person(s) for their specific work in writing and file.
Executive Sr. Sales Manager B2B Sales

The Star-Ledger, West Paterson and Newark N.J. 06/03/2003-10/21/2007

Consulted with business Owners, Presidents, CEOs, and other key executives to evaluate their accounts receivable needs, implemented various effective and cost efficient procedures, and completed sales agreement, communicate with corporate office, and submit orders for processing.

Download 15.93 Kb.

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