Eastside multi-site job description

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Position: Administrator and Auditorium Guest Services Coordinator

Reports to: Campus Pastor

Payroll Status: FT 40-hours salary
Mission of Campus To transform our homes, community, and world by Pursuing God, Building Community and Unleashing Compassion one neighborhood at a time.
Hiring Conditions Agree to abide by ECC Personnel Manual and Policies and become a member of Eastside Christian Church.
Position Summary To support the Campus Pastor in the execution of the Eastside mission and partner with the Central Team to build volunteer teams and lead Guest Services inside the auditorium at an Eastside multisite location.
Requirements A deep understanding of, and a passion for, Eastside’s vision and culture. Ability to maintain alignment with larger Eastside goals and vision. Ability to lead and manage teams or team members and work alongside other teams. Understands a matrix staff structure and, in this case, reporting to the Campus Pastor while having a direct line to the Director of Guest Services and at times being influenced by other members of the Central Services team.

Education Level: College

Years of Experience: 2+ in related work
Position Duties List:

Eastside systems

  • Collaborate with the Central Team to develop ministry plans that support the ECC strategic plan

  • Complete 6x6 goal planning forms to carry out the ministry plan

  • Attend monthly team meetings (located at Anaheim campus)

  • Attend weekly programming meetings with Central Service Team members

  • Meet with supervisor, one on one, as needed

Administrative Duties

  • Administrative research – as required and assigned (as needed)

  • Monitor website for needed updates (as needed)

  • Coordinate any room use needs and resupply of office essentials (as needed)

  • Monitor Campus Social Media Channels for reporting and/or replying

  • Organize relevant material, proof and prepare documents, emails, and/or reports (weekly)

  • Manage the calendar of Campus Pastor, arranging and scheduling meetings as required (weekly)

  • Manage the general email inbox of Campus Pastor (weekly)

  • Manage front desk volunteer staff, including interviewing, training and assigning volunteer work schedules (weekly)

Guest Services Related Duties

  • Utilize PCO and Eastside Connect to schedule volunteers and track data (weekly)

  • Coordinate preparation of service resources/needs: communion, offering buckets, supplies, etc (weekly)

  • Oversee the guest experience in the auditorium from entry to exit by supporting and mobilizing Guest Services volunteers for the following teams: greeters, communion prep, ushers, communion/offering servers, and hospitality (weekly)

  • Partner with Central Team to recruit, equip, and encourage volunteer teams (ongoing/as needed)

Eastside Christian Church does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, or status as a veteran in any of its policies, practices, or procedures.
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