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Job Title: Communications Manager Level: Manager (Full time)
Department: Communications/Marketing Employee Since:
Reports To: Creative Director/Associate Pastor Issue/Revision Date: Jan 1, 2017
General Functions:

Provide coordination and direction for all communication and marketing efforts for EastLake Church Chula Vista as well as serving as communications lead and advisor for all churches within the EastLake Church Network.


Marketing and communications staff and volunteers at EastLake Church Chula Vista.

Supervision Received:

Reports directly to the Creative Director and Associate Pastor. The Communications Manager will work within a framework and protocol established by the Creative Director; however, it is expected that the Communications Manager will work with a reasonable degree of independence and latitude.

Scope & Dimensions:

The Communications Manager will serve as the primary point of contact and be responsible for all communications and marketing efforts at EastLake Church’s Chula Vista location. Additionally, he/she will work in conjunction with the campus pastors of the other church locations in the network to ensure consistency, clarity, and excellence in communication efforts.

Work Days/Hours:

Office hours Tuesdays through Fridays (9am – 5pm) with additional hours on Saturdays and Sundays. (Specifics regarding weekend hours will be discussed with the Creative Director.) 40 hours per week. The Communications Manager will office at the Chula Vista location on weekdays.

Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Lead and manage all communications and marketing efforts for EastLake Church’s Chula Vista location.

  2. Serve as primary point of contact for campus pastors at other churches in the ELC Network for all communications and marketing issues, needs, and questions.

  3. Coordinate, lead, and provide recruiting and volunteer support for the eDevotional teams across all locations.

  4. Provide Spanish language content and translation as needed.

  5. Coordinate communications and marketing needs to Jamison Advertising Group and serve as primary liaison, facilitator, and approver.

  6. Plan and execute social media strategy for EastLake Church Chula Vista and support other locations with social media efforts.

  7. Interface with Digital Content Manager regarding website and all other digital outreach and communication efforts.

  8. Supervise and coordinate efforts of part-time communications staff at Chula Vista location.

  9. Serve as primary content reviewer and proofreader for all written content in English and Spanish from EastLake Church Chula Vista and the EastLake Church Network.

  10. Other duties as assigned and needed.

Additional Responsibilities:

1. Additional duties as assigned.

Experience And Educational Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree required.

  2. Bilingual fluency in written and spoken Spanish and English.

  3. Two to four years experience in related environment.

  4. Excellent writing ability as evidenced in writing samples.

  5. Excellent interpersonal skills and outstanding customer service orientation.

  6. Ability to self-start and work with minimal supervision

  7. Ability to positively and professionally represent the Communications Department and EastLake Church.

Working Conditions/Physical Requirements:

  1. Mobile: In and out of office to ensure task completion

  2. Overtime hours as required by ministry needs

  3. All church staff members are required to abide by EastLake Church Cultural Expectations document (tithe, attendance, conduct, etc.)

Terms of Employment:

  • As a staff person at Eastlake Community Church, I agree to abide by all the provisions of the Employee Handbook.

  • The Church reserves the right, at any time, with or without notice, to alter or change job responsibilities, reassign or transfer job positions, or assign additional job responsibilities.

  • This position is classified by the Church as a full-time paid position and is exempt from the overtime provisions, as stated in Employee Handbook.

Supervisor: ________________________________ Date: _____________

Employee ____________________________________ Date: _____________

Lead Pastor ____________________________________ Date: _____________

Download 99.5 Kb.

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