East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

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East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania


Discounts offered to ESU Employees:


  • Dickey’s Barbeque Pit 10% off your entire purchase. Show proof of employment anytime you dine at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit and receive an employee discount. Not valid with any other coupon or promotion. Address 290 Frantz Rd, Suite B-104 on Route 611 (next to Dunkin Donuts)

  • Friendly’s 10% off your entire purchase. Just present you ESU ID to receive the discount. Located in the Wal-Mart Plaza next to Arby’s.

  • Sarah's Corner Cafe 10% off food only. It offers wholesome country kitchen breakfast, lunch and dinner platters that the whole family will enjoy! We offer indoor and outdoor seating arrangements with small tables for two or roomy, comfortable booths for larger parties. Our friendly staff creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that will make you feel right at home at any of our four locations.  Visit us at www.sarahscornercafepa.com for our menu and special events. Open 7am-10pm Daily.

  • Jock N’ Jill’s Sports Bar 10% off food only. It is the home of East Stroudsburg University Warriors. You can watch every minute of every game on our 22 TVs. Watch all the sports action here - NFL, MLB, MBA, and NHL. Visit us at www.jocknjillsbar.com for our menu and nightly specials.  Make sure you join us on Monday's for our famous Peanut Butter & Jelly Wings! Serving Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week. Open 11am-2:00am.

  • Grace O’Malley’s Irish Pub 10% off food only. It offers delicious Irish menu and full range of Irish beers.  Indoor & outdoor seating makes for a great atmosphere for a relaxing dinner. Using only traditional Irish ingredients, we proudly offer a wide selection of Irish dishes everyday for lunch and dinner. Visit us at www.graceomalleyspub.com for our menu and upcoming special events. Open 4:00pm -2:00am weekdays and 11:00am-2:00am on weekends.

  • The Hideaway Cocktail & Tapas Bar is known to be Stroudsburg’s coziest pub. Visit us at www.thehideawaypa.com for our specialty tapas and upcoming events. Open Monday-Saturday 4:00pm-2:00am

Amusement Parks

  • Busch Gardens Club Admission discounts, exclusive offers and special events for club members are available on-line. Get up-to-the-minute park news and the most current offers quickly and efficiently.  Company Code is 1554795.


  • Shawnee Mountain Ski Area Shawnee Mountain now offers a great way to pass along savings on winter fun using our new eTicket program. eTicketing allows you to print discount ticket vouchers at your site quickly and conveniently with no risk or upfront expense. To see Shawnee Mountain etickets 2013/2014 Online Discount Program the flyer can be found on the benefits page. For login information please contact the HR office.

Montage Mountain The corporate discount will allow 10% off all 2013-2014 daily lift or snow tubing tickets at Montage Mountain Resorts. Employees must show their company ID card and driver’s license at the Montage Mountain ticket window to receive the discounted ticket rate. The discount is valid for the employee and up to 3 additional family members, and cannot be combined with any other offer.


  • University Store 10% Discount on ESU clothing, ESU gift items and memorabilia, trade & reference books (special ordering available), nook devices, school supplies, and greeting cards. Custom Orders available at www.costore.com/eaststroudsburg. Be the first to know about university store sales by singing up on our website, or liking our facebook page- http://esu.bncollege.com , www.facebook.com/esubookstore

  • The Crossings Premium Outlets® The VIP Coupon Book is offered that has hundreds of dollars of savings in discounts at a majority of stores. To receive this coupon book you will need to go to the Information Center at the Crossings (located in the food court), and present your ESU Id card and receive one free VIP Coupon Book.  

    • J. Crew: Teachers receive 15% off all in-store purchases with a valid school ID. *Discount is valid only in J. Crew stores online at J.Crew.com. Offer cannot be combined with any other special discounts or promotions or applied to previous purchases or gift card purchases. Excludes clearance purchases.

  • Sam’s Club $10 gift card when you join, just bring in the flyer (found on the benefits page) to your local Sam’s Club.

  • Jack Williams Tire & Auto Service Centers Save on tires, oil changes, brakes, alignments, factory scheduled maintenance and much more! You’re eligible for exclusive discounts and savings from the area’s #1 tire and auto service center! Simply present your ID card with group discount ID# (125367) at your local Jack Williams Tire and Auto service to receive special savings. To see these special savings a flyer can be found on the benefits page.


  • Caesars Pocono Resorts Save up to 50% during weekdays (Mon.-Thurs) on an all-inclusive escape to Caesars Pocono Resorts Getaway. Discounts are also given for weekends. Call 1-800-233-4141 for room quotes. Club Discount Number: 29266.


  • State Employees Recreational Association (SERA) Offers travel trips that leave from Harrisburg. One to three day excursions and trips for theatre and athletic events.


  • Lenovo Purchase Lenovo products at discounted prices for your personal use. Shop online, call: 1-877-222-6426, option 1, ext 2089, and state your affiliation with ESU.

Cell Phones

  • Verizon Wireless Eligible for an 18% monthly access discount. Complete the Employee End User Form and fax it to 1-800-711-7788 along with a copy of your ESU employee ID or a paystub. (Form can be found on the benefits page).

  • AT&T Eligible for a 17% service discount off AT&T service.  Employees who have AT&T service can go to att.com/wireless/esu to register their line/account for the discount. Employees who may like to activate new service can also either go to that site or to any local AT&T retail store and present them with their ESU ID Badge and their employee discount code: 84962. See more Information on the benefits page.

  • Sprint/Nextel Add the discount to your existing account and/or upgrading/purchasing new phones. New customers can also visit this site to establish service with the discount. Please visit:  www.evpdiscount.com/ESU for more information.


  • Pocono Urgent Care specializes in most non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries. We offer caring, immediate medical treatment to the Pocono region. Our center is a full service urgent care with x-ray suite. We treat most sports injuries; perform school and sports physicals, sick visits including colds, flu, sinus and ear infections.  Our goal is to get you registered and discharged in under an hour! They offer a 10% discount to all ESU faculty and staff.  Located at 485 Pocono Commons, Rt. 611 in Stroudsburg. 570- 872-9955.  www.poconocares.com

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance could save you up to 10% on quality auto and home insurance tailored to your needs.  Contact Dan Welker at (610) 398-9800, ext. 51475 or Daniel.welker@libertymutual.com and indicate that you are an employee or alumni of ESU for savings.

Disclaimer - Employee Discounts:

  • Please note that each savings program has its own restrictions. The discount provider imposes these restrictions. In some cases the discount providers limit discounts to only employees and their families.

  • Information on how to redeem each discount can be retrieved via the vendors’ website or calling them directly.

  • While the University has made an effort to check each offering, it does not warrant or endorse any goods or services provided by any business participating in the Employee Discount Program. It is your responsibility to carefully check goods and services offered.

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