East orange (NJ) water commission

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The East Orange Water Commission (EOWC) is seeking an exceptional municipal water and wastewater executive as its Assistant Executive Director to serve in a leadership role with the provision of high quality services for East Orange and South Orange residents with about 14,000 water connections. The EOWC is a municipal utility operation involved in water collection, treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and distribution and storm water management. The Assistant Executive Director will provide direct oversight to plant operations as well as a diverse team of in-house staff and consultants responsible for the operation and maintenance of all facilities and systems.

Under the direction of the EOWC Commissioners and the EOWC Executive Director, the Assistant Executive Director will be responsible for the coordination of capital projects; evaluating process performance data and alternatives; organizing and executing detailed engineering design and technical support addressing water supply, water and wastewater treatment, storage and pumping facilities, and buried infrastructure; supervising technical resources and consulting firms on assigned projects; and representing the EOWC in the public. The successful candidate will work on a variety of wetland, water, and wastewater related projects, dealing with state and local governments.
The EOWC employs 49 full-time employees, 1 part-time electrical engineer, and 3 shared city services electrical engineers. The majority of staff are licensed water operators.

The East Orange Water Commission is a semi-autonomous board appointed by the Mayor and City Council. It is a 5-member Commission that manages all aspects of the water operations serving about 75,000 in East Orange, 25,000 in South Orange.

The ideal candidate must have the ability to build consensus, identifying emerging opportunities, secure funding, and implement projects. A minimum of ten years professional experience with 5 years in a management capacity is desired. A Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or closely related field is preferred, but the East Orange Water Commission will consider those with strong work experience in the industry. The successful candidate will be required to hold a current New Jersey Water Treatment, W-3, T-2, and/or a C-4 License. A working knowledge of GIS and CADD systems is a plus.

Qualified candidates please submit your résumé online by visiting our website at www.watersconsulting.com/recruitment. This position is open until filled; however, the first review of applicants will take place on August 21, 2009. Following the first review date, résumés will be screened against criteria outlined in this brochure and the East Orange Water Commission will consider offering interviews to selected candidates. Final interviews in East Orange, New Jersey will be offered by the East Orange Water Commission to those candidates named as finalists, with reference checks, background checks and academic verifications conducted after receiving candidates’ permission. The final interview process will be held in October 2009. For more information please contact Andrea Battle Sims at asims@watersconsulting.com or by visiting our website at www.watersconsulting.com.

The East Orange Water Commission is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity at all levels of its workforce!
Applicants selected as finalists for this position will be subject to a criminal history/credit/drivers license check prior to interview.
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