East orange campus high school mathematics department

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344 Prospect Street

East Orange, New Jersey 07017-1026

TO: East Orange Campus High School Parents and Students

FROM: Nadine Elvie (Mathematics Department Chair)
REGARDING: Math Summer Preparation Work 2016
DATE: June 15th 2016
To prepare our students to meet the scope and pace of next year’s Mathematics class, the Math Department feels it necessary for all students to complete an at-home-summer review program/assignment. The review will refresh prerequisite skills and assist in meeting the challenges of a variety of new topics that are encountered in the student’s next math course in the sequence.

Each student is expected to spend time this summer (on a continual basis) and solve the problems in this packet. This will be collected and graded as ¼ of their grade for the 1st quarter. Each student is required to complete the summer assignment. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions during the first few days of the school year

Students will be given a test related to these assignments in the first couple weeks of school. We know that every student will have a much more enjoyable and productive school year if well prepared.

All students are required to have a graphing calculator for their mathematics course, except for Geometry and Algebra 1. Teachers will demonstrate how to use a TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus graphing calculator. If a family cannot afford this expense, the calculator can be downloaded from various app on student smart-phones, eventually all students will need to buy their own for their post-secondary studies, SAT/ACT, and standardized testing. Students, parents and the community will have online access to the summer assignments beginning on June 24th 2016. Each summer assignment is posted on the School Website: http://eochs.eastorange.schoolfusion.us/

So that we can be sure that you are aware of this information we ask that you and your parent(s) / guardian(s) acknowledge receipt of the letter and assignment. If your course selection changes between the time you receive your assignment to the start of next year, it is your responsibility to obtain a copy of the summer assignment for the course you are now entering.

Please sign and return this slip by June 17th , 2016 to your current Math Teacher.


(I have read/received summer assignment letter.)

________________________________ ___________________________________

Student(Print and Sign Name) Parent/Guardian Signature

________________________________ ___________________________________

2016-17 Math Course (next year) 2015-16 Math Teacher(This year)

Download 80.5 Kb.

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