Due before 1st game

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2014 Laurel Soccer Showcase

November 15, 2014

Entry Fees

1 Team $100

2 Teams $200

Showcase Date: November 15, 2014

****Due before 1st game

Make Checks Payable to: Laurel School District

303 W. 8th Street

P.O. Box 288

Laurel, MS


Showcase Rules

Games: (MHSAA Rules) 30 Minute Halves, 5 Minute Half Time

ALL Games end in a Tie (No Overtime or Shootout)

  • Teams arriving late will not be allowed additional time to warm up! We are on a very strict schedule! Contact me if there is an issue, so I can make arrangements if there is a travel issue.

  • If teams aren’t prepared to start the game, expect a few minutes to be taken off. I will be available all day, so please let me know if you are having trouble with another team delaying the game!

  • Half Time is 5 minutes! The second half clock starts as soon as these 5 minutes are up whether you are on the field or not.

  • Please set up your tents wherever you can find a good spot! But please, try not to interfere with another team’s bench or area. Behind the goals are usually the best place to put them, but I know it’s crowded.

  • Nobody is allowed to enter the ref’s stations. If there are any major issues concerning refs, please contact me, and I will do whatever I can!

  • Feel Free to Drop your players off, before you park the bus. (There will be a designated area for bus parking).

Address to the Laurel Soccer Complex:

4978 Highway 84 West

Laurel, Mississippi

Schedule (Uniform assignments)
Bay High (White) Brandon (White)

(Field 3) 12:15 VS West Lauderdale (Girls) (Field 1) 1:30 VS Laurel (Boys)

(Field 3) 1:30 VS Florence (Boys) (Field 1) 2:45 VS West Jones (Girls)

(Field 3) 2:45 VS Vicksburg (girls) (Field 1) 4:00 VS Harrison Central (Boys)

(Field 3) 4:00 VS St. Andrews (boys) (Field 1) 5:15 VS Harrison Central (Girls)

Clinton (Dark) East Central (White)

(Field 2) 4:00 VS East Central (Boys) (Field 2) 4:00 VS Clinton (Boys)

(Field 2) 5:15 VS OLA (girls) (Field 6) 5:15 VS NE Jones (Girls)

(Field 2) 6:30 VS Pascagoula (boys) (Field 4) 6:30 VS West Jones (Boys)

(Field 2) 7:45 VS South Jones (Girls) (Field 4) 7:45 VS West Jones (Girls)

Florence (Boys Dark; Girls White) Gautier (White)

(Field 3) 1:30 VS Bay High (Boys) (Field 5) 4:00 VS Vicksburg (boys)

(Field 4) 2:45 VS West Lauderdale (Girls) (Field 5) 5:15 VS Vicksburg (Girls)

(Field 4) 4:00 VS Pascagoula (Boys) (Field 5) 6:30 VS South Jones (Boys)

(Field4) 5:15 VS Long Beach (Girls) (Field 5) 7:45 VS St. Andrews (Girls)

Greene County (White) Harrison Central (Dark)

(Field 6) 4:00 VS St. Stanislaus (Boys) (Field 1) 4:00 VS Brandon (Boys)

(Field 3) 5:15 VS St. Andrews (girls) (Field 1) 5:15 VS Brandon (Girls)

(Field 1) 6:30 VS Harrison Central (Boys) (Field 1) 6:30 VS Greene Co. (Boys)

(Field1) 7:45 VS Harrison Central (Girls) (Field 1) 7:45 VS Greene Co. (Girls)

Heidelberg (White VS LHS, Dark VS Ridgeland) Laurel (Boys: Dark; Girls : White)

(Field 1) 8:30 VS Laurel (Girls) (Field 1) 8:30 VS Heidelberg (Girls)

(Field 1) 12:15 VS Ridgeland (Girls) (Field 1) 9:45 VS Newton Co. (Girls)

(Field 1) 11:00 VS Newton County (Boys)

(Field 1) 1:30 VS Brandon (Boys)

Madison Central (Dark) Meridian (White) (Girls Dark VS GC 9:45)

(Field 2) 11:00 VS Sacred Heart (Boys) (Field 5) 8:30 VS George Co (Boys)

(Field 2) 12:15 VS Sacred Heart (Girls) (Field 5) 9:45 VS George Co (Girls) (Dark)

(Field 2) 1:30 VS West Harrison (Boys) (Field 6) 1:30 VS Vicksburg (Boys)

(Field 2) 2:45 VS OLA (Girls) (Field5) 2:45 VS Long Beach (Girls)

(Field 3) 9:45 VS South Jones JV (Girls)

NE Jones Newton County (Boys: White) (Girls: Dark)

(Field 2) 8:30 VS Sacred Heart (Boys) (Dark) (Field 6) 8:30 VS Petal (Boys)

(Field 4) 9:45 VS Oak Grove (Girls) (Dark) (Field 1) 9:45 VS Laurel (Girls)

(Field 6) 5:15 VS East Central (Girls) (Dark) (Field 1) 11:00 VS Laurel (Boys)

(Field 2) 6:30 VS St. Andrews (Boys) (White) (Field 6) 12:15 VS Petal (Girls)

Oak Grove (White) Pascagoula (White)

(Field 4) 8:30 VS South Jones (Boys) (Field 4) 4:00 VS Florence (Boys)

(Field 4) 9:45 VS NEJ (Girls)

(Field 4) 11:00 VS Richland (Boys) (Field 2) 6:30 VS Clinton (Boys)

(Field 4) 12:15 VS Warren Central (Girls)

Petal (Boys: Dark, Girls: White) George County (Boys: Dark) (Girls: White)

(Field 6) 8:30 VS Newton Co. (Boys) (Field 5) 8:30 VS Meridian (Boys)

(Field 6) 9:45 VS Ridgeland (Girls) (Field 5) 9:45 VS Newton (Girls)

(Field 6) 11:00 VS Ridgeland (Boys) (Field 3) 11:00 VS Warren Central (Boys)

(Field 6) 12:15 VS Newton County (Girls) (Field 4) 12:15 VS Richland (Girls)

Richland (Dark) Ridgeland (girls: Dark; Boys White)

(Field 3) 8:30 VS West Jones (Boys) (Field 6) 8:30 VS Petal (Girls)

(Field 2) 9:45 VS Sacred Heart (Girls) (Field 6) 9:45 VS Petal (Boys)

(Field 4) 11:00 VS Oak Grove (Boys) (Field 1) 11:00 VS Heidelberg (Girls)

(Field 5) 12:15 VS George Co (girls) (Field 4) 1:30 VS St. Stanislaus

Sacred Heart (White) South Jones (Boys: Dark) (Girls: White)

(Field 2) 8:30 VS Northeast Jones (Boys) (Field 4) 8:30 VS Oak Grove (Boys)

(Field 2) 9:45 VS Richland (Girls) (Field 6) 2:45 VS Warren Central (Girls)

(Field 2) 11:00 VS Madison Central (Boys) (Field 5) 6:30 VS Gautier (Boys)

(Field 2) 12:15 VS Madison Central (Girls) (Field 2) 7:45 VS Clinton (Girls)

(Field 3) 9:45 VS Mad. Cent (Girls JV)

St. Andrews (Dark) Vicksburg (Dark)

(Field 3) 4:00 VS Bay High (Boys) (Field 6) 1:30 VS Meridian (Boys)

(Field 3) 5:15 VS Greene Co. (Girls) (Field 3) 2:45 VS Bay High (Girls)

(Field 3) 6:30 VS NE Jones (Boys) (Field 5) 4:00 VS Gautier (Boys)

(Field 5) 7:45 VS Gautier (Girls) (Field 5) 5:15 VS Gautier (Girls)

Warren Central (Boys: White; Girls Dark) West Harrison (Boys: White)

(Field 5) 11:00 VS George Co (Boys)

(Field 4) 12:15 VS Oak Grove (Girls)

(Field 5) 1:30 VS West Lauderdale (Boys) (Field 3) 11:00 VS West Lauderdale (Boys)

(Field 6) 2:45 VS South Jones (Girls) (Field 5) 1:30 VS Madison Central (Boys)

West Jones West Lauderdale (Dark)

(Field 3) 8:30 VS Richland (Boys) (White) (Field 3) 11:00 VS West Harrison (Boys)

(Field 1) 2:30 VS Brandon (Girls) (Dark) (Field 3) 12:15 VS Bay High (Girls)

(Field 4) 6:30 VS East Central (Boys) (Dark) (Field 5) 1:30 VS Warren Central (Boys)

(Field 4) 7:45 VS East Central (Girls) (Dark) (Field 4) 2:30 VS Florence (Girls)

St. Stanislaus (Dark) Our Lady Academy (White)

(Field 4) 1:30 VS Ridgeland (Field 2) 2:30 VS Madison Central

(Field 6) 4:00 VS Greene County (Field 2) 5:15 VS Clinton

Long Beach (Dark)

(Field 5) 2:45 VS Meridian (Girls)

(Field 4) 5:15 VS Florence (Girls)


Julio Martinez


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