Director of Music Position for Bethany Baptist Church, Toronto

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Director of Music Position for

Bethany Baptist Church, Toronto
1041 Pape Ave. at Cosburn, Toronto, ON, M4K 3W1



Bethany Baptist Church is looking for a talented musician with a positive and flexible spirit to be our next Director of Music.
Bethany is a thriving multicultural, multi-generational and community-minded church in East York, Toronto. Along with various church programs, we host a weekly food bank and run outreach programs for local youth.

Our music is a blend of hymns and modern praise songs, and our Choir sings on most Sundays from September to May. Music is an integral and valued part of our weekly worship, and the Director of Music will be given support, flexibility, and appreciation for bringing their best to this important role.

The successful candidate will:

We are also open to shaping the position to the interest, skills, and schedule of the successful candidate.

Responsible to: Bethany’s Music Committee, in partnership with the Pastor.
Time commitment: approximately 5-6 hours per week (less during summer months)
Remuneration: Contract for services at $525/month; Director of Music is given up to 5 paid

Sundays off every year.

Application deadline: September 15, 2015.
Interested applicants, please contact Pastor Jim Parker;

contact can be by phone (416-425-9472),

by email (, or

by mail (1041 Pape Ave., Toronto, ON, M4K 3W1).

References upon request.

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