Directions to the Rising Wolf Ranch Check-in between noon and 1 pm on July 26th

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Directions to the Rising Wolf Ranch

  • Check-in between noon and 1 pm on July 26th

    • Please share your travel plans (date/time of arrival, where you will be staying if coming early; if you need a pick-up at the train...) with Jo

The Ranch is located off from US Hwy 2 about 4 miles east of Marias Pass, and 7 miles west of East Glacier Park Village. Turn south at mile marker 202.1 onto a dirt road. There is a small sign on a fence post with the initials RWR, which you can barely see from the highway. A steel-sided, pale yellow garage is located near the turn on the south side of the highway.

About 100 yards down the dirt road past a cattle gate (if the gate is closed – be sure to leave it closed, if it is open, leave it open) is the Rising Wolf Ranch sign. Turn right at the sign, then go down a hill and across a one-lane bridge. There is another gate just past the bridge (following good ranch etiquette: leave it open if it is open and close it if it is closed after you pass through). The road continues through the woods for about another ¾ mile to the ranch. Take the right fork as you enter the ranch property and park. Check-in will be in the historic 2-story log Lodge by the river.

Cell service is spotty at the Ranch, but you can try to reach Jo at 406-431-1081, or call the Ranch at 406-226-4478


Ranch house

to US Hwy 2


Owner’s home

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