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Memory technology

Choose a text or book that interests you. It is very important that your motives for reading are similar. to focus as much attention as possible. Use the method as described below.

Cut out the text to identify the main idea.

Ask questions, that is. turn the headings into questions and then look for the answer as you read the text.

Try to find key ideas in the text that answer your questions, and write notes that reveal its content.

Repeat these points one at a time, pausing at the end of long paragraphs. Take short notes.

Review the text immediately and focus on the main ideas and the order in which they are presented. about the internal structure of the text. You should have a general profile that needs to be filled in with general details. Examine the notes one by one, examine them from a general point of view with the text, and thereby strengthen its assimilation. Focus on what you forgot, as well as what you remembered.

And finally (very important!), Add your own comments and criticisms. Did you manage to find answers to all the questions? Make sure you understand the author’s point of view. Evaluate the author’s position based on your context, try to see that position in the future, and see how it all fits together. Objections, bad information, mistakes, contradictions

Bu manba matni haqida batafsilQoʻshimcha axborot olish uchun manba matnini kiriting


Yon panellar


Saqlab olingan

Hissalari, look for misconceptions and gimmicks.

If you wish, you can simplify the method by omitting the “push back” phase, taking into account the purpose of the reading. A brief look at newspapers, picture and science magazines, interviews, and books can save you time and energy: focus on what interests you most. You understand how important it is to immediately review the text you have just read: once you have learned, you can reinforce it by commenting and discussing. While the text is still stored in your memory, give the thoughts some time to settle in your head - then you’ll have more information. Just disagree or disagree with the author. Try to express in words why your opinion is like this and clearly describe what you like and what you don’t like. In this way you develop your critical thinking and become a skilled reader. If you discuss what you read with your friends, keep it longer in the active zone of your memory.

One of the deeper types of reading involves deep assimilation of reading and often storage of information for later reference. If the reading is recorded not only in memory but also on paper, the effectiveness of such reading will increase. Psychologists claim that what is written is better and more fully assimilated and more firmly embedded in memory. If you read 1,000 words and then wrote 50, summing up what was read, the assimilation rate was found to be higher than if you read 10,000 words without writing a single word. In addition, the ability of data to be compressed in reading and writing is formed, and switching between reading and writing reduces fatigue, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of mental labor.

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