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Effective reading This is a very simple way to help you get the basic ideas of any texts, movies, plays and more

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Effective reading

This is a very simple way to help you get the basic ideas of any texts, movies, plays and more.

To read effectively, try to answer six simple questions: who is what, when, why, where, and how? This method is used in journalism courses in the United States to make sure that no event is left out of the students ’attention. You can use it to review any conversation, broadcast, message, or public speech in detail. This method is very suitable for reading newspaper articles.

After reading the text, keep in mind six questions: Who are the main characters? What exactly is happening? When and where will the action take place? Why and how? Stop and answer these questions from time to time.

An effective reading strategy

During World War II, this ability was used to accelerate the development of learning skills. Its goal is to “give people the opportunity to learn better, faster and more effectively”.

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