Deposit $45. 00 If account is paid in a timely manner for one year deposit will be refunded sewer & garbage

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DEPOSIT - $45.00 - If account is paid in a timely manner for one year deposit will be refunded

SEWER & GARBAGE - $30.00 MONTHLY, payments can be mailed to the Town of Bar Nunn or placed anytime in our Town Drop Box it is located next to the mail boxes located on Sunset Blvd (near the KOA campground), the tan drop box is on the northwest post, you may also bring your payment to the Town Hall

Residents are allowed the polycart plus 3 additional bags of garbage

FRIDAY MORNING - Bar Nunn Ranch & Ponderosa Subdivisions

TUESDAY MORNING – McMurry & Vista Hills Subdivisions
POLY CART – Garbage collection is contracted with Shirk’s Sanitation and a polycart will be ordered for new residents with an estimated delivery of two weeks, until then bagged trash can be placed on curbside for collection
RECYCLING - Recycling bins are located on Sunset Blvd. by the fire station. Bins are clearly marked for the items to be placed in them for recycling. There are bins marked for corrugated cardboard, newspapers, magazines, white/office paper (can be shredded), aluminum cans, glass containers, plastic bottles, and milk jugs. There is a separate bin for phone books, and one for string/ties/bags used in transporting recyclables.
STATEMENTS – mailed on the 10th and payment due date is within 15 days (Approx. the 25th of the month) with every statement a free LANDFILL PASS is included along with a NEWSLETTER which includes important information for residents
MAILBOXES – Keys for mail boxes are issued at the Casper Main Post Office located on Forest Drive, off of 2nd Street (behind Office Max).

WARDWELL WATER – (307) 265-7034

SHIRK’S SANITATION – (307) 472-4240
CITY OF CASPER LANDFILL – (307) 235-8246

(Open Monday thru Saturday. 7:30am – 4pm)

METRO ANIMAL CONTROL – (307) 235-8398

Town Ordinance states three (3) dogs and or cats total per household and dogs are to be kept confined to your yard or home. Metro Control Officers do patrol and cite dogs running at large, dogs with no license, and cats are also expected to be controlled.

BAR NUNN TOWN HALL – (307) 237-7269


(Open Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm)

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