Definition of the term phonetics is the Greek word

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Definition of the term PHONETICS

Phonetics is the Greek word

(“phone”-meaning sound, voice and

“tika” – a science/box) by origin.

It deals with oral speech.

the study of the sounds of a language”

Is not sufficient for modern phonetics

Definition by Abduazizov A.

Phonetics is a “science which studies the phonetic substance and the expression area of the language, or otherwise a physical media of a language (sounds, syllables, stress, and intonation)” .

Definition of the term PHONOLOGY

The term of phonology

(Greek phone - sound, logos – science) appeared in linguistics in the necessity of differentiating functional sides of speech sounds from the physiological-acoustic sides in the end of XIX century.

Sometimes called phonemics or phonematics, is the study of how sounds are used in languages to convey meaning

It studies the rules governing the structure, distribution, and sequencing of speech sounds and the shape of syllables. It deals with the sounds systems of a language by treating phoneme as the point of departure.

Phonology is a branch of linguistics concerned with the systematic organization of sounds in languages.



Phonemes – the smallest unit of speech that can be used to make one word different from another word, such as the “b” and the “p”

“big” and “pig”





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