Dear lamc students & Recent Grads

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Dear LAMC Students & Recent Grads,  

The first and largest national internship expo of its kind, Your Turn Intern Expo & Celebrity Fest 2017, is coming to Los Angeles!  This upcoming and highly-anticipated national 2-day internship expo will be showcasing over 1,000+ internships and is targeting current college students and recent college graduates (Graduated Within Prior 12 Months).  This historical show and weekend, chaired by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, is taking place on Saturday, April 29, 2017 thru Sunday, April 30, 2017 at the Los Angeles Convention Center and LA LIVE Entertainment Complex in downtown Los Angeles.  As you know, having internship experience on your resume can make a major difference with your efforts as you position to transition into employment upon completing your academic objectives.  As such, this is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss, as their will be onsite interviewing & hiring opportunities, seminars to assist in your efforts to secure & retain internships, live broadcasting onsite, internship grant opportunities, robust entertainment for expo attendees, prizes & give-a-ways, extensive peer & professional networking opportunities, live performances for students / graduates with 2-day registration credentials, potential to win passes to attend 13th Annual Opening Doors Awards, of which prior attendees have included celebrities Nick Cannon, Edward James Olmos, Kiefer Sutherland, Poncho Sanchez, Morris Chestnut, and many others!

Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC) is a major educational partner of the benefiting charity, Millennium Momentum Foundation, Inc. and as such we want to make sure that you are the first to know about this amazing show and opportunity coming to Los Angeles!   There are specific rates online at: ( for current college students and recent college graduates, of which early bird rate for ticketing ends on February 28, 2017!

You can receive a fully funded credential (FREE 2 day ticket at no cost to you) if you are nominated by your teacher or staff member. If they don’t have a Nomination Form, they can contact our office, Career Center: 818-833-3403. If you are nominated, you will be required to use LAMC provided shuttle buses to and from the expo. If you are not nominated or want to bring a friend please go to for pricing, click on “Registration.”

NOTE: Your most recent college ID for college students and recent college grads will be required onsite at the LA Convention Center registration window.

Learn more, engage with social media and stay informed meanwhile by accessing background and applicable links below;

Your Turn Intern Expo & Celebrity Fest, will showcase over 1,000+ internships from private and public sector employers applicable to all fields on the exhibit floor of the world-class Los Angeles Convention Center, along with providing a culminating entertainment experience thru its Celebrity Fest over the weekend exclusive to expo attendees with 2-day credentials, which takes place in the LA LIVE Entertainment Complex in downtown Los Angeles.  This historical internship expo is the first and largest activation of its kind and as such is set to attract over 5,000+ attendees in attendance, including college students & recent college grads from over 50+ colleges & universities, hundreds of employers, innovative professional development seminars targeting human resource professionals & student services managers, onsite interviewing & hiring opportunities with prospective interns, speaker series and more. 

Millennium Momentum Foundation, Inc., the benefiting charity of this historical show, serves as a major educational partner to Pasadena City College (PCC) and other colleges and universities around the Nation to reach, educate, train, and professionally advance college students for private and public sector employment.  MMF has served as an essential resource bridge between collegiate institutions and the workplace, while positioning students to successfully transition from the collegiate classroom to the workplace with excellence and efficiency.  MMF has become one of the leading providers of leadership development training in the Nation, with a compelling 96% college graduation rate, 92% college enrollment retention rate, and 90% employment matriculation rate among program participants completing service delivery from 2004 to 2016.   

Access additional links herein to learn more:


(Overview of Expo Activities, Key Stakeholders, Celebrity Fest Highlights, Schedule Summary, etc.)


(Access Feature from Expo Chair & Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti)


(Engage w/ Other Students Attending & Get Ongoing Updates via Social Media)


(Access Brief 1-2 Min. Your Turn Intern Expo Promo Video to Learn More & Hear from Students & Others!)  


Claudia Ramirez-Yaglian

Counselor/Coordinator, Career Center

Los Angeles Mission College


Kristina M. Gonzales

METAS Program Coordinator

Title V- HIS

Los Angeles Mission College

818-364-7600 ext. 7212;
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