Cumberland Valley shrm news and Updates The Newsletter of Cumberland Valley shrm

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Cumberland Valley SHRM News and Updates
The Newsletter of Cumberland Valley SHRM
Volume 1, Issue 2 May 2008
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Cumberland Valley SHRM News and Updates
The Newsletter of Cumberland Valley SHRM
December 2011

Inside This Issue

1 President’s Message

2 President-Elect’s Message

3 Legislative & Legal Updates

4-5 2012 Membership Application

6 Chamber Events

7 Future CVSHRM Meetings

8 This week’s Chapter Meeting

9 Chapter Board Members

President’s Message

By Emily Halsey-Kovaleski

I can hardly believe that this is my last monthly newsletter addressing you as President. I will continue to attend as many meetings as I can and stay connected to all of you, but if you need anything at all please feel free to contact me at any time. I am very excited to see what Cumberland Valley SHRM will accomplish in 2012! THANK YOU ALL so much for the support you gave me over these past two years.


For those planning on attending tomorrow’s meeting we wanted to see if you can bring an item for raffle. We will be raffling off Christine Walters books, "From Hello to Goodbye: Proactive tips for Maintaining Positive Employee Relations", published in March 2011, and thought it might be fun to include some other items in the mix. This can be a company item like a mug, bag, etc.

2012 Membership Application & Dues

January 2012 is quickly approaching & that is membership renewal time. If you are a national member your dues are $30.00 non-national member dues are $40.00. These are due January so please bring them to our chapter meeting or mail them to Cumberland Valley SHRM, P.O. Box 791, Chambersburg, PA 17201. Please make checks payable to CVSHRM.

President-Elect’s Message

By Martha Gisriel

2011 SHRM Leadership Conference and Call for Volunteers!

Aleta Pasterkiewicz and I had the opportunity to attend the recent SHRM Leadership Conference, held in Arlington, VA, November 17 through 19. The conference provided an outstanding opportunity to meet volunteer SHRM leaders from across the country and from as far away as Guam! Speakers included the leaders of national SHRM, such as SHRM CEO Hank Jackson, Chair of SHRM's Board of Directors Jose Berrios, and Vice President of SHRM Membership Pam Green. The speakers were engaging, enthusiastic, and very appreciative of the efforts of all SHRM volunteers. Thursday night ended with an Open House at the national SHRM headquarters in Alexandria, VA. The evening was loaded with food and fun! SHRM staff members outdid themselves in an effort to provide an enjoyable evening for conference attendees.

Leadership development sessions for the 3-day conference covered various topics of interest, including employee and volunteer engagement, integrating social media into an organization, and inspiring people to achieve more. In addition, the 900-plus attendees participated in breakout sessions that were grouped by the size of the respective chapters. Aleta and I attended the Small Chapters (10-100 members) sessions, where we received many helpful ideas on growing and engaging our chapter membership. The highlight of Friday evening was the SHRM Volunteer Celebration and Awards Dinner, with Renee Poussaint serving as Master of Ceremonies for the presentation of the 2011 Pinnacle Awards.

SHRM's Leadership Conference is open to members of all SHRM chapters, and a leader from each chapter is eligible to attend free of charge (the cost of the conference and accommodations are covered by national SHRM for one chapter leader per year). Please consider joining the leadership team of Cumberland Valley SHRM, and you just might be attending the conference in the future.

CVSHRM's Board of Directors meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 a.m. at Kaplan University, and the meeting is open to all CVSHRM members. We would love to have you join us for a meeting, to participate on a committee, or just to hear what is happening with CVSHRM. Join us!

Legal & Legislative Information
National Labor Relations Act

As of January 31, 2012, most private sector employers are required to post a notice advising employees of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. The poster can be downloaded using this link:

The National Labor Relations Act does not apply non-retailers who engage in interstate commerce of less than $50,000 annually.
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) voted 2 to 1 in favor to amend the NLRB election process as follows:

  • Shortened Timeframe for Union Elections - An election must occur within between 10 to 21 days after a petition.

  • Mandated Disclosure of Employee Information -Employers are required to turn over to the NLRB private employee information, including employee home telephone numbers and personal e-mail addresses.

  • Deferral of Representational Disputes - Under certain circumstances, litigation of representational disputes, such as the eligibility of voters, would be deferred until after the election is held.

SHRM supports House Bill HR 3094 which amends these decidedly pro-labor changes. However, this bill is unlikely to be taken up by the Senate. Accordingly, the new election process will probably remain in place making it much easier for a union to win elections.

Day in Annapolis 1-31-2012

Maryland has been chosen as a 2012 target state for the SHRM Advocacy Team (A-Team) initiative and we have been working on a Day in Annapolis for the 2012 session.  This day has been scheduled for Tuesday, January 31, 2011! 

Attached you will find a flyer with information. The space we have is small; therefore, registration will come on a first-come, first-serve basis.  During the morning program we will have a presentation by SHRM representatives regarding Advocacy, MD SHRM will sign a Statement of Support for the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves, and Christine V. Walters will provide a legislative briefing of current issues that will be addressed in afternoon sessions with legislators.

The cost of the event is $50/person and strategic credit is pending. 

Cumberland Valley Chapter

Society for Human Resource Management



Thank you for your interest in CV-SHRM. We are an organization dedicated to educating Human Resource professionals and providing a means of networking with others in the Human Resources field. To apply for membership, complete this application and submit your membership fee of $30 for SHRM National Members for $40 for non-national members. All applications are subject to approval by the chapter’s Board of Directors. Once this form is completed forward it to:

Cumberland Valley SHRM

P.O. Box 791

Chambersburg, PA 17201

Name:_____________________________ [ ] PHR [ ] SPHR Phone # ( )___________________
Company Name: _____________________________________ Fax # ( )______________________
Address: ________________________________City, State, Zip: _______________________________\
Email: ______________________________________________________________________________
Are you a national SHRM member? [ ] Yes [ ] No Member number:________________________
Membership level: Please check one. (The description of eligibility requirements for each level is on the reverse side of this form.)
[ ] Full regular member [ ] Associate member [ ] Student member
Position Title: ___________________ [ ] Exempt [ ] Non-exempt e-mail:_____________
Please describe your major job responsibilities ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What percentage of time from your normal, assigned weekly job duties is spent in HR: ____%
What industry/business do you work in: ___________________________________________
How many years have you worked in Human Resources (in any capacity)? 1.) Manager___yrs

2.) Administrator____yrs 3.) Assistant ___yrs 4.) Other: specify: _____________/____yrs

Please check one or more offices or committees that you would be interested in serving on:

[ ]President [ ]Vice President [ ]Secretary [ ]Treasurer

[ ]Newsletter [ ]Wage & Benefit [ ]Certification

[ ] Editor [ ] Survey Chairperson [ ] Chairperson


[ ]Membership [ ]Legislative [ ]Diversity [ ]Education

[ ]Student Chapter Affiliation [ ]School to Work Program
Signature:_____________________________________________ Date:_________________
Referred by: _________________________________________________________________

STATEMENT OF CHAPTER ETHICS: Neither members nor guests of CV-SHRM will be permitted to use their membership or guest privileges at CV-SHRM meeting to further their own financial gain and/or career aspirations. Such conduct is considered by this Chapter to be unprofessional, inappropriate, and unacceptable. Those engaging in such conduct may face having their membership or guest privileges suspended by the Chapter.

EXERPT FROM CHAPTER BY-LAWS 9Article III, Section 2 – Membership Levels)

  1. Full Regular Member

Those eligible for applying for Full, Regular membership includes:

    • Those who devote at least 50% of their time to Human Resources and/or Industrial Relations activities.

    • Those who possess at least three years exempt-level human resource management experience.

Full Regular members shall:

      1. Have voting rights (one vote) on any matter of chapter business.

      2. Be eligible to seek election to and hold any office, serve as a Committee Chairman or member, and be eligible to be a member of the Board of Directors.

  1. Associate Member

Those eligible for applying for Associate membership include:

    • Those persons actively engaged in bona fide Human Resource work and who devote at least 30% of their time to Human Resource and/or Industrial Relations activities.

    • Individuals in non-exempt human resource management positions.

    • Persons having the primary responsibility for HR activities in small organizations where there may not be a discreet HR function. These shall, in special circumstances, be eligible for membership in this category, regardless of the amount of time devoted to HR activities.

    • Non-practitioners having an interest in the HR profession and the activities of our chapter. These individuals must be eligible for membership in National SHRM in order to be eligible for Associate membership in the Cumberland Valley Chapter.

Associate members shall:

      1. Have voting rights on matters of chapter business.

      2. Be eligible to serve on any of the standing committees.

  1. Student Members

1. Student members are defined as an individual enrolled in an accredited two or four year college (or above) who have the desire to pursue a career in the HR profession.

2. Student Member shall:

a. Not have voting rights on the matters of chapter business.

b. Be eligible to serve on any of the standing committees for educational purposes.

Date of Presentation to Board of Directors: ______________ Date Applicant Notified: ______________

ACTION TAKEN: [ ] Approved [ ] Denied [ ] Deferred pending more info:

Be a part of the Cumberland Valley SHRM

Getting Connected!

To the Hagerstown—Washington County Business World!

Here’s how:
December 15 Business After Hours (5 pm-7 pm)

Centra Bank

1219 Mount Aetna Road

$5 admission

December 16 Computer Tips and Tricks (8:30 am-10:00 am)

“Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate”

Kaplan University—18618 Crestwood Drive

$15 members; $25 non-members

January 10 Learning Lunch Hour (11:30 am-1:30 pm)

“Digital Photography for Business”

Bulls and Bears Restaurant—39 South Potomac Street
January 11 Eggs & Issues (11:30 am-1 pm)

“Health Issues”

$15 members; $20 non-members
January 18 Savvy Managers Book Club

“Three Signs of a Miserable Job,” by Patrick Lencioni

Kaplan University—18618 Crestwood Drive
January 19 Business After Hours (5 pm-7 pm)

Hagerstown Ice & Sports Complex—580 Security Blvd.

$5 admission

CV SHRM Chamber

Jeannette Rudy Fitzwater Jennifer Swatsworth

Community/External Relations Chairperson Director of Member Services

301-533-2253 301-739-2015, ext. 104

What’s next???
CVSHRM Programs
December 2011 – April 2012

Thursday, December 15- DISC Training - Leadership Version, Mary Ann Kmetyk

Thursday, January 19- Drug Testing as a Risk Management Tool, Jim Randisi

Friday, February 17- He said, she said: Confronting Gender Issues in the Workplace, Jeannette Fitzwater

Thursday, March 15- Strengths Finder, John Brantley

Wednesday, April 18- Social Networking: Implications for the Workplace, Maura Donely

Sponsors: We are always looking for sponsors, especially for our Diversity Forum, Legislative Forum and New Member Mixer! Please let us know if your organization would be interested in sponsoring a CVSHRM event.


WHEN: Thursday, December 15, 2011

WHERE: SpringHill Suites

17280 Valley Mall Road

Hagerstown, MD
TIME: 8:00-8:30 Registration & Breakfast

8:30-9:30 Program

SPEAKER: Mary Ann Kmetyk
TOPIC: DISC Training - Leadership Version
Learning Objectives:

1. Explain the four primary behavioral styles using the DiSC Model.

2. Identify the characteristics and key behaviors for the four primary behavioral styles.
3. Identify how the four primary behavioral styles influence how managers lead others and how their behaviors may be perceived positively and negatively by others.
4. Apply the knowledge of behavioral styles to describe how to effectively motivate and develop others by recognizing their needs.

(Approved for 1 CEU)



Please notify Emily Kovaleski of your attendance ( ) no later than noon on Wednesday, December 15, 2011. Members who do not reserve by the due date will be charged the non-member rate of $18.00 at the door.
Cumberland Valley Chapter

Society for Human Resource Management


Emily Halsey-Kovaleski


President Elect

Martha Gisriel, PHR



Aleta Pasterkiewicz



Sharon Lehman, PHR



Larry Glenn, SPHR


Membership Director


Website Director

Marcie Mason, PHR


Newsletter Director


Legal & Legislative Chair

Walt Lachenmayr, SPHR

301- 730-6704 

College Relations Chair-Frostburg

Nicole Twigg


College Relations Chair-Shippensburg

Dave Elliott


Diversity Director

Cassandra Weaver


Certification Director

Denise Smoot, PHR


Community/External Relations Chair

Jeannette Fitzwater


Cumberland Valley News and Updates is the general newsletter for the Cumberland Valley Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. Articles and items of interest are encouraged and welcome.

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