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Camp A Cabins

The cabins at Camp A are available to CBSC members for rent during the CBSC Centennial Reunion Weekend July 26 – 29, 2018. We have secured them all. Now we are offering them to you! Having one of these cabins will give you and your family a lockable home base for the entire Reunion Weekend, which will be ideal for the activities taking place at Camp A including Super Bingo, the Friday night adult party, all Saturday activities, and the Saturday night family party. You also get that most precious of Crescent Beach commodities – BEDS!

They can be yours from Thursday night (July 26) through Sunday morning (July 29)
Special features:

  • All cabins are located inside the Camp A property along scenic Sunshine Alley (that quiet little street between McKenzie and McBride)

  • The washrooms are close by and we’ll give you the access code. You’ll probably be able to sell the code and make a tidy profit on your cabin investment.

  • There’s no risk of lousy sheets and pillows - you have to supply your own linens

  • There is no running water in the cabins (but you’re not planning to drink much water anyway)

  • You get to clean the cabin before you leave

  • No smoking, no pets, and definitely no smoking pets

So… you think you might like to secure one of the Camp A cabins for your family? Are you wondering if this would be a good idea? If you answer YES to any of the following questions, then you clearly need a cabin:

  • Do you have relatives coming in from out of town for the big party and are you wondering where to stick Auntie Marge?

  • Do you live up the hill and always wanted to try living at the beach?

  • Are you looking for a base camp for your clan – a place to keep your towels, coolers, clothes and snacks? And a place to go to get away from Auntie Marge?

  • Do you think you might want to take a nap between events? Or maybe you are already pretty sure you will NEED to take a nap between events?

  • Are you looking for a safe place to lock your kids after they’ve eaten a pound of candy?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you now have to ask yourself… Which of these cabins will be your home-away-from-home for the CBSC Reunion Weekend?

Cabin #1 – Sally’s Secluded Seaside Spa & Resort

  • Sleeps 7

  • Three bunks and a single bed

  • Mini-fridge

  • Farthest from the bathroom

  • Spacious and well-appointed; this will appeal to the discerning family that is looking for ample beds, couldn’t care less how many people see them running to the toilet, and really want a fridge in their room. This is probably the prime cabin and the lucky family that picks this one will have some well-earned bragging rights. Sally’s Secluded Seaside Spa has it all!

Cabin #2 – Bullhead Bunkhouse

  • Sleeps 4

  • Two bunks

  • This cabin is more intimate and will appeal to the smaller family, or maybe a really large family that likes to sleep 8 people in 4 single beds. Prime features here are the beds, the ability to lock up your stuff, and, if when you have had enough of them, a place to lock up your kids or in-laws.

Cabin #3 – Tidal Majal

  • Sleeps 7

  • Three bunks and a single bed

  • Modeled after the Taj Mahal in India and often confused for the original structure by tourists. It has beds for 7, which means you can invite all your friends, as long as you don’t have very many. This cabin gets the morning sun (if you go outside in the morning and it’s a sunny day). Arguably the best value of the group, as long as you don’t overpay.

Cabin #4 – Tennis Courthouse and Correctional Facility

  • Sleeps 7

  • Three bunks and a single bed

  • Identical to the Tidal Majal but this cabin has a tennis theme, which, if you are a big tennis family, makes it the superior cabin. The tennis theme comes from the vintage racquets (you supply), photographs of international tennis stars (you supply) and some used tennis balls rolling around on the floor (included). This is also the middle cabin so if you want to make noise and disturb all the other cabins, it will be easiest to do that from this centrally located unit.

Cabin #5 – Sandcastle Siesta Centre

  • Sleeps 7

  • Three bunks and a single bed

  • The Sandcastle Siesta Centre is a beauty. It is exactly the same as the Tidal Majal and Tennis Courthouse but it’s Cabin #5, which is a higher number than the other two, making this the clearly superior cabin. Unique features of this cabin are its proximity to cabins 4 and 6 and the relatively long distance from cabin #1.

Cabin #6 - Synchro Slumber Shack

  • Sleeps 5

  • Two bunks and a single bed

  • A slightly smaller cabin than the “Big 3” cabins in the middle of the row but this one has features that the others do not. For example, if you buy this one for the weekend, it will be your cabin. That would be a unique feature for sure. Also, because this is the synchro cabin, all people staying here must go to sleep at exactly the same time or they will be assessed a penalty.

Cabin #7 – Mermaid Mansion

  • Sleeps 4

  • One bunk and a double bed

  • Mini-fridge

  • Closest to the bathrooms

  • Being close to the bathrooms is an excellent feature if you have diarrhea or if you are hoping to meet people who have diarrhea. And having a mini-fridge – that’s priceless! In fact, you could probably rent the fridge out and pay for the cabin. Also… “Lucky Number 7”… nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!

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