Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan

Participating Human Service Agencies

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Participating Human Service Agencies

Social service providers in Columbia County include a wide array of schools, churches, nonprofits and human service agencies. Many of these operate a single van or, in some cases, a passenger vehicle. The inventoried organizations and agencies are described in the following sections. These include agencies that provide, utilize, and need transportation. Contact information is given for each organization to help aid in the future exchange of information and for coordination among agencies.

RIDECARE/Columbia Pacific CCO

Astoria Transit Center

900 Marine Drive

Astoria, Oregon 97103

503.861.RIDE (7433)

RIDECARE serves as the Medicaid transportation broker for Columbia County. Non-emergency medical transportation is provided to Medicaid eligible persons for free. RIDECARE services are provided 24 hours a day, 365 day and can be scheduled up to two business days in advance. All current members of Columbia Pacific CCO are eligible for transportation services. Transportation services are provided for primary care and specialty office visits, physical therapy, dental and mental health services, dialysis, and other services covered by Columbia Pacific CCO. Transportation is provided that best meets the needs of the individual, and can include bus fare, wheelchair-accessible vans, taxis, and other services.

Community Action Team (CAT)

125 North 17th Street

St. Helens, OR 97051


Jim Tierney 503-366-6575 or Dan Brown 503-366-6563,

Community Action Team is a non-profit organization that serves Clatsop, Columbia, and Tillamook counties. CAT provides programs aimed at reducing the negative effects of poverty, increasing family self-reliance, and providing resources for people to become self-sufficient. Some of the programs offered by CAT include help with: emergency housing, energy assistance, case management, energy and parent education, Head Start, home repairs, affordable housing, and senior services. CAT offers Oregon Project Independence services for people 60 years or older who need help living independently by providing assistance for daily needs. CAT owns a van used to provide transportation through their Family Literacy program.

Columbia County Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

270 Columbia Boulevard

St. Helens, OR 97051


Monica Cade

The Columbia River Fire and Rescue’s RSVP recruits, interviews and links volunteers 55 years and older with opportunities throughout Columbia County. RSVP volunteers work in schools, hospitals, museums, the arts and environment, food banks and other nonprofit agencies throughout the county.

One of the key volunteer needs in Columbia County is drivers delivering meals and providing same day, non-emergency transportation in Columbia County, Kelso, and Longview. Volunteer drivers use their personal vehicles and are reimbursed for their mileage at the federal rate. Requests for reservations must be made at least one day in advance and can be made by calling the Columbia County Fire and Rescue at 503.397.5655. There is no charge for the service and drivers are not permitted to accept tips; however donations are accepted for the service.

The RSVP program receives partial federal funding through Senior Corps, which is administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service (also oversees AmeriCorps and Learn and Serve America).

The Public Health Foundation of Columbia County

PO Box 995

2370 Gable Road

St. Helens, OR 97051

Sherrie Ford / Erika Owen /

Public Health offers a variety of health services for Columbia County residents such as community health education, family planning and prenatal services, breast and cervical cancer screenings, immunizations for children and adults, WIC, TB testing, and STD screens. The Vernonia Health Center provides patients with transportation, the food bank and housing recourses. Services are driven by federal, state, and county dollars as well as grants and fees. Public Health has two vehicles but neither is wheelchair accessible.

Senior Centers

There are five senior centers in Columbia County: Scappoose Senior Center, St. Helens Senior Center, Rainier Senior Center, Clatskanie Senior Center (located in the Clatskanie Castle/Flippin House), and the Vernonia Senior Center. All senior centers are operated as non-profits except for the Clatskanie Senior Center, which is associated with The Amber senior living center. All the senior centers have vans for transportation. Scappoose Senior Center uses the vans to transport members to monthly outings and casinos near Columbia County.

Assisted Living Centers

Three of the six assisted living centers offer transportation services for senior residents. Spring Meadows in St. Helens offers escort transportation services and coordinates transportation with third party services. The Amber in Clatskanie provides scheduled local transportation for life needs and outings for residents. Brookdale Rose Valley in Scappoose organizes group outings, including day trips to the Oregon coast and Mt. St. Helens. Avamere Assisted Living in St. Helens provides transportation services for special events for residents only.

Disabled American Veterans Transportation

VA Portland Health Care System, Veterans Transportation Program

Hours of Operation: 5:30 am – 3:00 pm

3710 SW US Veterans Hospital Rd, Portland, OR 97239

(503) 721-7804

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) offers transportation on weekdays to the Veterans Hospital in Portland. Services may be expanding to offer rides within Salem in summer of 2016. Transportation is provided by a van at designated stops in the Portland metro area, Longview, and Columbia County. The service is provided free of charge and is available only to veterans for VA sanctioned appointments. A four-day minimum advance reservation is required.

The vans hold up to eight passengers each, but are not wheelchair accessible. Pickup is scheduled per city from a designated pickup location, and the service uses all volunteer drivers. Rides are only available when volunteer drivers are available, and this is one of the barriers to providing service. All maintenance is provided outside the hospital by maintenance contractors. Appointments are scheduled from the Portland VA Hospital.

The DAV transportation program service has not coordinated with other agencies in the past.

Columbia County School Districts

There are five school districts in Columbia County: Clatskanie School District, Rainier School District, St. Helens School District, Scappoose School District, and Vernonia School District. In addition, Columbia County is part of the Northwest Regional Education Service District, which provides a set of services such as early childhood and special education, general instructional services, and district support that improves the quality of education for students within Columbia County.

Each of the five school districts provides transportation services for public school students (and students at private, parochial, or public charter schools that comply with compulsory attendance laws and are located along or near bus routes) living within the district boundaries and some level of transportation services for students living outside of district boundaries based on health or safety needs. Preschool students with disabilities and children from birth to age three who are enrolled in an eligible program may be provided with home to school transportation as well. More information on the transportation policies for each school district may be found at the following locations on the Internet:

Clatskanie School District:

Rainier School District:

St. Helens School District: (select Policy Section “E” Support Services” and search for Student Transportation Services.

Vernonia School District:

Scappoose School District:

Rainier School District

Michael Carter

(503) 566 3777 x264

The Rainier School district requires junior and senior students to participate in community service and report a required number of hours for graduation to the school district. Currently, the program does not coordinate with CCR or any social service providers. There are opportunities for the school district’s volunteer program and CCR to collaborate by having students provide rides for seniors and people with disabilities or those students enrolled in vocational educational classes to assist with constructing bus shelters. The partnership would benefit students by providing more volunteering options and help directly engage students with the community at large, and increase the number of volunteers that can provide transportation services in Columbia County.

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